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I assist in scheduling new and existing clients for all offices. For initial consultations I will ask you a few questions and then find the best time for you to talk to one of the lawyers that best fits your legal matter. We do offer free consultations, however, we do not give free legal advice.

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The Law Offices of Tom Hogan will provide you with personalized attention and guidance. Protecting your rights is our main objective. We have been representing clients for the past 25 years and our experienced team of attorneys will advise you of the legal consequences of every decision you take.

Practice Areas

San Francisco Divorce Attorneys

The divorce attorneys in our San Francisco location have years of experience representing clients in divorce and other related proceedings. Our attorneys know the complex issues involved in a divorce proceeding. We know divorce isn’t easy. It can affect you mentally. You will need effective and reliable legal representation. Contact the Thomas Hogan Law Office in San Francisco. Our attorneys will stand by you throughout the proceedings. We will protect your rights at every stage of the proceeding.

DUI Attorneys in San Francisco

No one leaves home with the objective of getting drunk. But mistakes happen. Our San Francisco DUI attorneys understand that. A DUI arrest can be a scary experience. Your freedom is at stake. If you have been arrested for DUI in San Francisco, contact the Thomas Hogan Law Office for effective representation. Don’t plead guilty. Exercise your right to remain silent. Do not talk to the police unless you have spoken to a DUI attorney.

San Francisco Bankruptcy Attorneys

If you are neck deep in debt and you are hounded by calls from creditors and debt collectors, call the Thomas Hogan Law Office. The bankruptcy attorneys at our San Francisco office can review your finances and advise you of your options. If you have no viable option, then our attorneys can assist you file for bankruptcy. This will prevent your creditors and debt collectors from contacting you. Once you receive a discharge in bankruptcy, the discharged debts cannot be collected or enforced against you. You will no longer be liable for them. Bankruptcy will give you a fresh financial start in life.

Tax Attorneys in San Francisco

IRS. Sounds like Toys R Us, but it is not. If you have received any notice from the IRS, don’t ignore it. Call Thomas Hogan Law’s San Francisco Office. Our tax attorneys have years of experience dealing with the IRS and other tax related issues. In fact when it comes to taxes, prevention is better than cure. Our San Francisco tax attorneys can assist you with your tax filings. If your tax filings are accurate, you don’t have to worry about dealing with the IRS and explaining to them about your returns. Our tax attorneys can provide you with a range of service from assistance with tax filing to representation before the IRS.

San Francisco Family Law Attorneys

Family law encompasses a lot of issues. The cases can range from child support, child custody, spousal support, visitation rights, emancipation to grandparents’ rights, conservatorship, guardianship and a whole lot more. At times, these cases are heard by the court simultaneously. It is downright complex and frustrating. Let us help you through these troubled times. In San Francisco, the only law firm you should consult with is the Thomas Hogan Law Office. We have been in the business of handling family law cases for over 25 years. That alone says a lot about how we handle our client’s case or else we wouldn’t be here. Consult with our family law attorneys today.

San Francisco Personal Injury Attorneys

If you have been injured in an accident caused by another person, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Don’t lose out on the compensation you rightly deserve. Speak to a local San Francisco personal injury attorney from Thomas Hogan Law Office. Over the last 25 years, our personal injury attorneys have successfully obtained compensation for injury victims across California. Our attorneys have the skills and expertise required to get you the compensation you rightly deserve.

San Francisco Estate Planning Attorneys

Many individuals tend to view estate planning as inherently death-oriented, that is, as being principally concerned with the distribution of a persons’ property upon their death. This widely held view of estate planning is unfortunate. Its scope is too restricted and is therefore inaccurate. All families should have a basic plan that essentially organizes family resources. Optimally, such a plan should use the family’s resources to achieve their personal and financial objectives, whatever they may be, and to protect the family during times of personal and financial crisis. Clearly, such objectives are not exclusively death- oriented. They also include such lifetime issues as the education of children or the significant reduction of family income due to the disability of a key member. Thus, the decisions to purchase a health and disability insurance policy or to save a certain percentage of disposable income are as much a part of estate planning as the purchase of a life insurance policy or the making of a will. The San Francisco estate planning attorneys of the Thomas Hogan Law Office can assist you with your estate planning requirements.



We care about our clients and are dedicated to addressing their legal issues to the best of our ability.Tom Hogan Founder

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We offer a free fifteen-minute consultation with our San Francisco attorneys. Give us a call at (415) 727-9001 and we will schedule a consultation at your most  convenient time.

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