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You will require the services of an experienced DUI attorney if you have been charged with a DUI. Even if it is your first offense, the penalties can be very severe. The procedures can be tricky. Attempts to handle a DUI case by yourself can be disastrous. You will require the assistance of someone who is aware of the law and is aware of how to protect your rights – the DUI attorneys of the Thomas Hogan Law Office San Jose.

DUI Law in San Jose: Plea Bargain

The prosecutor may tempt you with a plea bargain. However, you should never jump and grab a plea bargain offer. Our San Jose DUI attorneys will never rush through your case or make a plea bargain. Our goal is not to increase profits but to get justice for you. When you have the Thomas Hogan Law Office on your side, you have someone who cares about your rights and will do everything possible to get a positive verdict. Hiring our San Jose office DUI attorneys to fight the DUI charge against you is the best decision you can make in such situations.

DUI Process in San Jose: DUI Arrest Procedures

Our DUI attorneys are aware of the procedures the police officer must follow while making a DUI arrest. The officer’s dashboard camera will clearly show the procedures followed by the officer while making the arrest. Our attorneys will seek for the video tape of the arrest and scrutinize the procedures followed by the officer at the time of the arrest. If the officer does not follow the procedures required by law, we will use it as a defense against the DUI charge. If there are any loopholes in the procedures, our expert DUI attorneys will oppose the arrest. If the arrest itself is illegal, then the court is likely to throw out the charges against you.

Burden of Proof

Exercise your constitutional right to remain silent. Never answer any questions asked by the police or make any statements without talking to our specialist DUI attorneys. The police can use the answers and statements against you. The police must prove their case. Our DUI attorneys can tear apart the prosecution’s case and to find loopholes. We will highlight the lapses in the procedure followed by the police from the time of the DUI stop until your arrest. We will use the lapses on the part of the police to get the charges against you being dropped.

DUI Process in San Jose: Blood Test

The DUI attorneys at our San Jose office will scrutinize the procedure followed while conducting the blood test on you. Our attorneys will seek to have the results of the blood test excluded if the police did not follow the correct procedure or the laboratory conducting the test deviated from the standard procedures. If the blood test is allowed as evidence, we will use scientific methods to demonstrate the various factors that can affect the accuracy of the results. The police must show that your ability to drive was impaired by the alcohol consumption. This must be proved beyond reasonable doubt. Contact the Thomas Hogan Law Office San Jose.


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By Juan L.:
While working with Hogan team I felt that my case got the individual attention that it needed. There were many complex questions that my family and I had through the whole process and Tom did a great job of handling them all. Thanks for taking on my case, I am very happy of winning a settlement for me. I will refer your law office to anyone in the future who has been wrongfully dismissed. Thanks!
Rating: 5.0