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Divorce represents the end of one legal contract and the beginning of a new one. Every divorce action must be formally filed and approved by an appropriate court. The ex-partners may need to reach an agreement in five major areas: custody, visitation, child support, alimony, and division of property. In most divorces, settlement is reached by mutual consent (although frequently with considerable conflict). In some cases is there a contested issue which requires court action and judicial intervention for resolution. Our San Jose divorce attorneys have experience in dealing with the different issues of a divorce. Contact the Thomas Hogan Law Office San Jose.

Divorce Law in San Jose: Dissolution of Marriage Procedure

The divorce attorneys of the Thomas Hogan Law Office San Jose can assist you with your divorce proceedings. The dissolution of marriage procedure starts with the filing of the petition in court. In the petition, you must specify the reason why you are seeking a divorce. California is a no fault state. Under California law, the spouse seeking a no fault divorce only needs to list irreconcilable difference as the reason for seeking divorce. He or she need not prove that the other spouse is at fault. However, if you are seeking divorce on any other ground, you must prove the existence of that ground.

Dissolution of Marriage in San Jose: Contested Divorce

The divorce attorneys at our San Jose office can represent you in a contested divorce. A divorce case that goes to trial may require that opposing evidence be presented in open court, a process than can be extremely painful to members of the divorcing family. Relatives and mutual friends may be called as witnesses who are asked to testify for one spouse against the other in an attempt to substantiate the grounds for seeking a divorce, advocate for a favorable financial settlement, or support a certain child rearing arrangement. If custody is disputed, the children also may be asked to testify. Moreover, in some circumstances children are represented by a third lawyer whose duty is to advocate for their interests independently from the parents’ desires concerning the custody arrangement.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation is a cooperative method of dispute resolution that operates on assumptions that differ remarkably from the adversarial approach both on logistical and psychological dimensions. In mediation, both partners will meet with a court appointed mediator who will attempt to help them negotiate their own settlement. The partners communicate more directly in mediation than in attorney negotiations, either in face to face meetings or by exchanging information through the mediator. Mediators operate on the assumption that certain disputes are best resolved in a cooperative rather than a competitive manner, and they view their primary role as one of facilitator rather than as an advocate or decision maker. For this reason, the mediator’s goal is to encourage negotiation, but the former marital partners are expected to rely on outside experts such as lawyers, financial planners, or mental health professionals for specific advice about the details of their agreement. Our divorce attorneys can assist you with divorce mediation.  Contact the Thomas Hogan Law Office San Jose.

Spousal Support

Spousal support, when awarded, is usually temporary and designed to give a spouse time and opportunity to become self-supporting. Exceptions may be made in long-term marriages or when a spouse has poor employment prospects due to age or health. The court will consider various factors when determining the amount of spousal support. During earlier times, spousal support was generally awarded to the wife. However these days, the courts have started awarding spousal support to husbands. Our San Jose divorce attorneys have been assisting clients across California in getting spousal support.


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