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Family law encompasses a lot of issues and can be quite complex. These issues may arise due to dissolution of marriage, divorce, legal separation, and relatives trying to intervene just to name a few. All of these things will be handled by family court. To face a family law case is not easy. Most often, it is costly, frustrating and stressful not only for the petitioner, but also to everyone else involved.  You will need an experienced family law attorney, who will be by your side and help you resolve your case swiftly. With over 25 years of experience, the Thomas Hogan Law Office San Jose family lawyers are experts in handling family law cases. Let us help you get through these difficult times.

Family Law in San Jose: Child Custody

Children are usually the spoils of a marriage or partnership that has gone south.  Child custody is one of the most bitterly fought case in the event of a divorce. Parents usually hurl dirt against each other just to get the court’s favor to award them the custody of the kids. A child custody case could drag on a few years and is emotionally tolling for the children, they are the victims in this situation. Let us help you get a swift resolution to your case, with over 25 years of handling child custody cases, the family law attorneys of the Thomas Hogan Law Office San Jose definitely know how to deal with such cases.

Family Law in San Jose: Child Support

It is the obligation of parents to equally support their children. There are certain instances that a parent forgets their obligation and refuses to support the children that they have brought into this world. Don’t let this happen to your child, let the Thomas Hogan Law Office San Jose family law attorneys assist you in getting the child support from the non-custodial parent. Remember, no one can escape paying child support, you think you have escaped paying on it for now but it will haunt you back in the form of wage garnishments and social security deductions, worst case scenario… jail time. If you feel that the child support amount is too high, you can file a petition in court to modify the amount , the expert family law attorneys of Thomas Hogan Law Office San Jose can assist you to petition for a modification of the child support amount.

Visitation Rights

A child is supposed to be raised by both parents but there are situations that prevent this from happening. Often as a result of a bitter, contested divorce, the custodial parent may prevent the non-custodial parent from visiting the child. If you find yourself in this situation,  act at once and let the family law attorneys at our San Jose office help you get visitation rights. Do not let your child grow up being alienated from you.

Now, there are some cases where supervised visitation maybe ordered by the court based on the best interest of the child. This is when there has been domestic violence or abuse that has happened in the household or the non-custodial parent has been alienated from the child. The court will appoint someone to supervise the visit and make sure that the child is able to understand the situation.

Importance of Hiring a Good Family Lawyer

Family law cases are complex and if you do not have an attorney that is well experienced in such cases, you will end up fighting a futile battle. Don’t attempt to represent yourself. Let our San Jose family law attorneys handle your cases. We know how to handle the situation and we make sure to win your case. Contact the Thomas Hogan Law Office San Jose.


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By Kim R.:
Thanks for all your help. I’m quite relieved and I can sleep much better at night now. This was really extremely emotional time for us especially to my children who are most affected in this situation but because of your awesome negotiations , we now have an amicable relationship with my ex. Good job!
Rating: 5.0