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Lauren Hemman

What makes you a great family law attorney?
Lauren:Prior to working in the legal field, I spent time teaching elementary school and high school. That experience allows me to understand children and their parents.
Do you conduct any of the initial consultations?
Lauren:Yes. The initial consultation is very important. It is where I get to know our clients, the facts of their cases and discuss strategy.
Which office do you work out of most?
Lauren:I work out of the Modesto and Alameda County office.
What percentage of your time is spent in the courtroom?
Lauren:Usually half of my day is spent in court in some fashion.
Do you do any pro-bono work?
Lauren:Yes, I do selective pro bono work.

Would you like to discuss your legal matter?


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Kevin Aguilar RECEPTION (877)509-5204

I assist in scheduling new and existing clients for all offices. For initial consultations I will ask you a few questions and then find the best time for you to talk to one of the lawyers that best fits your legal matter.

Call me or use the email form and I will follow up with you right away.


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