What the Puck? Jonathan Quick’s $58 Million Dollar Deal with the LA Kings

San Jose, CA — The spoils of victory are indeed awesome. After winning the Stanley Cup that was 45 years in the making, the LA Kings are making sure that they keep their goaltender, Jonathan Quick, as part of their team as long as possible. It was mainly because of Quick that the LA Kings were able to achieve their most awesome season to date and the team is prepared to invest heavily on its star goaltender to the tune of $58 million.

What the Puck Jonathan Quick's $58 Million Dollar Deal with the LA KingsThe offer comes as Quick has a year left on his contract with the LA Kings. On top of the offer, he got he Stanley Cup, Conn Smythe Trophy and a nomination for the Veniza Trophy. But that $58 million clams is for a 10-year period with the Kings which will kick off starting season 2013-14. And people say California is bankrupt when all these companies are able to afford these athletes’ salaries.

Although Quick hasn’t signed the contract yet because of CBA regulations (he will be signing it on Sunday), the Kings GM, Dean Lombardi has already snagged the goaltender’s approval that he will continue playing for the team. Lombarbi issued out a statement saying, “We are very happy to have a long-term agreement with one of our top players. At this point, we prefer to comment more on or around July 1.” Hopefully, there will not be any counter offers to change Quick’s decision. As they say, quick to decide quick to deny (pun intended).

With Jonathan Quick agreeing to the offer, he will be the third goaltender to be offered a 10-plus-year contract. Others who received the same deal are Robert Luongo and Rick DiPietro, also he is the third LA Kings player that has been offered a 10-plus-year term along with Mike Richards and Jeff Carter.

Brief history about the LA Kings. The LA Kings became a Stanley Cup contender overnight thanks to Bruce Mcnall. Mcnall bought the Kings from former owner Dr. Jerry Buss. McNall is credited for bringing in Wayne Gretzky to Los Angeles.

Wayne Gretzky spearheaded the team to new heights when he was able to lead the team to victory and enable them to compete at the Stanley Cup in 1992-1993. Unfortunately, the season went off to a bad start when Gretzky got injured and almost was never able to play hockey again, also the team was penalized for their equipment as per NHL guidelines; Canadien coach Jacques Demers protested that game authorities measure Kings defenseman at the time, Marty McSorley’s stick blade and the investigation proved that the curve of the blade was indeed too great as per regulation. Aside from that their competition was well rested and had a two man advantage. They lost the game in overtime.

But that was just part of the problem of the Kings, in 1993, owner Bruce McNall defaulted on his loan from Bank of America. Unfortunately, Bank of America coerced McNall that he might end up in bankruptcy unless the team was sold. A federal investigation was conducted into McNall’s finances and he later pled guilty to obtaining fraudulent loans from 6 different banks within a 10 year period and 5 counts of conspiracy and fraud. That season they were 9th placed with a 1 point difference from the San Jose Sharks who were on 8th place.

After the dark years, former San Jose Sharks general manager Dean Lombardi was recruited as General Manager and President of the LA Kings and from then on they started rebuilding themselves.

Okay, going back to the man of the hour, Jonathan Quick; technically, he will be serving 11 years for the Kings and hopefully everything will go smoothly without any disagreements with the management and early termination of the contract. An advice we can give is that Jon be nimble, Jon be quick, Jon make sure you always hit that puck with your hockey stick.

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