Notorious “Bikini Girl” American Idol Wannabe Claims Not Guilty of DUI

Fresno, CA — She will always be remembered in infamy as the girl who auditioned for American Idol wearing only a bikini back in 2009 (so far that’s the only thing that has remained in the minds of people and not her ability to sing) and today Katrina Darrell had to face a different kind of music and sing a different tune.

katrina darrellKatrina Darrell also known as the American Idol “Bikini Girl” was in court yesterday, May 29, to plead not guilty against her DUI charge.

Hailing from Chino Hills, which is more or less 223 miles from Fresno; Katrina Darrell is a model and aspiring singer was charged last month with one count of driving under the influence (DUI) and 2 hit-and-run misdemeanors. She got arrested last March for running a red light and then plowing into another car. She tried to run from the mess she created but fortunately, the cops were able to nab her.

Katrina was administered a breathalyzer exam at the police station and the result was twice the California legal limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC).  The blood alcohol concentration limit for California is 0.08%. But taking the breathalyzer alone will not automatically earn her a DUI conviction. To be convicted of DUI, she also has to undergo other tests like a blood test or a urine test to accurately determine her level of intoxication.  There are also other defenses she can use to fight her DUI charge such as questioning the procedures she went through with her arresting officers, were they able to follow protocol? If her lawyer can find a way to prove that the officers violated or failed in a procedure, she could get off the hook.

On the other hand, if the court finds her guilty of driving under the influence, depending on the gravity of her case, the number of times she got caught with the same offense, damages, etc.; she could face stiff fines and even jail time. Remember, driving under the influence is considered a serious offense in California because you not only risk your life but you might endanger an innocent life as well. Other possible DUI penalties she might face are getting her driver’s license revoked, increase in her car insurance premiums, and a criminal record aside from other things. She might end up trading that bikini she wore on American Idol for a drab black and white striped suit or a tacky orange outfit.

She’s expected to be back in court by June 29. “Viewers, please cast your vote.”

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