Manny Pacquiao’s Questionable Loss Blemishes the Sport of Boxing

Fresno, CA – Everyone who has watched the June 9 bout between Welterweight Champ Manny Pacquaio will definitely agree that the split decision was sooooo wrong!

Manny Pacquiao's Questionable Loss Blemishes the Sport of BoxingConsidered as the greatest upset of the year, Timothy Bradley defeated Manny Pacquaio after 12 rounds of boxing in a very controversial split decision. A 115-113 scorecard in favor of Bradley was given by two judges while the other two scored 115-113 to Manny.

But based on what everyone saw, Bradley was taking a beating with Manny being the aggressor. The fight’s promoter Bob Arum had requested Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto to launch an investigation into the judge’s scoring the fight. He threatened that there will be no rematch between the two unless it is proven that the judges conspired to rig the fight.

Due to Manny’s controversial loss, a lot of people have been saying that the sport of boxing has lost its credibility because of obviousness of the judges in cheating the scorecards to let the boxer of their choice win. People used to say that wrestling is fake but so is boxing nowadays.

There is a possibility that this sport is being controlled by some crime syndicate and thus has the power to bribe or threaten judges and can make or break a boxer. In more recent times, people are noticing this more and more with this sport. Boxing rakes in a lot of bets and if a lot of people had bet on Manny and Bradley has 1:20 odds of winning against him, Bradley’s bettors would surely make a killing.

This loss has been the latest of the not-so-lucky events in Manny’s life. September of 2011, his home in Los Angeles had been burglarized. A month after that, VisionQwest Resources, a company he had hired to do his accounting and taxes sued him for $649,000. VisionQwest claimed that they were asked by Manny Pacquiao to fix his income taxes because it affecting his ability to fight but the champ skipped on their fees. This case is still pending but Manny filed a countersuit against VisionQwest. According to Pacquaio, VisionQwest provided substandard tax advice and messed up his tax returns. The Champ’s lawsuit was filed by Dan Petrocelli , he’s the lawyer who buried OJ Simpson alive in the courtroom during the wrongful death civil case against OJ.

Earlier this year, Manny also got into hot water after his statements that he is against same-sex marriages but he has since apologized for that . As the Fresno bee reported, Manny supports the LGBT community despite his disapproval on same-sex marriages.

Going back to the fight results, everyone is reeling on how the judges came to their conclusion that Bradley was the winner of the fight. Many speculate that there was really a conspiracy somewhere and that the game was rigged since there will be a rematch on November 10 this year. Since everything is about money nowadays, sources allege that the fight was made to turn out this way to whet the appetite of the viewers and therefore earn more revenue on the pay-per-view showing of the fight.

Despite the speculations and his loss, Manny is still the down-to-earth guy who even congratulated Bradley’s dad after the bout. He may have lost in the ring but he is still the winner in the eyes of the world. One does not really lose if they learned something from their loss. Manny Pacquaio is still the people’s champ.

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