Floyd Mayweather Jr. — The Jail Brat

Roseville, CA — Floyd Mayweather was possibly ecstatic in jail if he had since the Pacquaio and Bradley fight June 9 but apparently he is busy in being a brat in jail.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. - the Jail BratMayweather is currently serving a 3 month jail term for beating his girlfriend in front of their children. He was charged with misdemeanordomestic violence.

Domestic violence is actually a part of family law although it appears more criminal in nature. A lot of women are victims of domestic violence but suffer in silence because they have already developed battered women syndrome (BWS). BWS is a 3-stage process; first-the verbal abuse, second-the actual battery or physical abuse and third-the abuser apologizes and feels sorry for his act but is able to control the victim emotionally making her passive to everything.

Okay, going back to Floyd, apparently does not have that much respect for women and to beat his girlfriend in front of his kids is just horrible. The children will end up traumatized and might end up as abusers as well.

He plead guilty to the charge but misdemeanor offense seems pathetic as to what he has done. He was required to attend 54 domestic violence classes and 100 hours of community service plus the jail term. The judge was a little too lenient with Floyd by giving him a 3 day credit out of his 90-day jail sentence and even praised him for the effort he has put in for serving 10 hours at a Nevada food bank, 20 hours for Habitat for Humanity and 15 hours at Las Vegas Rescue Mission.

He began his jail sentence June 1st of 2012. Now, even though he is behind bars, he still plans to train and workout since he still wants to pursue his boxing career after he gets released. After 12 days in jail, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has started to become a whiny little girl complaining that jail is taking its “cruel and inhuman” toll on his fighting physique.

He further claims that he is in isolation for 23 hours a day because the jail administration fears for his safety and that he looks dehydrated, his mucus membranes are dry and his muscle tone has disappeared. All of which pose a concern according to his doctor.

His doctor further added that because of prison diet, Floyd is not getting enough calories into his system, before he was on a 3,000-4000 calorie diet and that has dropped to 800 because of jail food.

So Floyd upon his doctor’s advice had his attorneys file a petition in court to request the judge to just allow him to serve the rest of his sentence as house arrest. But the judge did not buy his boo-hoo story. Instead, the judge told him to suck it up and get used to it. He, he, he.

According to the judge, it is Floyd’s fault that he looks dehydrated. Water is always available to him but apparently Floyd does not prefer to drink jail water nor does he prefer the food since he does not like to eat the food provided by the facility. And the judge also shot down Floyd’s complaint about his training by stating, “While the training areas and times provided to Floyd may not be consistent with his prior regimen, he is indeed provided with sufficient space and time for physical activity if he so chooses.”

It seems like Floyd Mayweather Jr. was always used to getting what he wanted and is accustomed to acting like a prima donna but fortunately, the judge is not going to be bulldozed with his demands.

As for Floyd, that is the reason why it is called jail, you are incarcerated. Being in jail means you are being punished because you committed a crime. You are not supposed to receive special privileges while serving your time. If he wants to be a free man, he should not have done stupid things; serves him right for not having a tinge of humility.

Until you fight Manny in the ring, keep on training hard Kentucky Floyd Chicken. Bock…bock…bock!

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