Chris Brown and Drake – Brawlin’ in Da Club

San Jose, CA – Chris Brown is trending and in the news again! Breezy seems to always get himself into trouble because 2 days ago he’d been grazed on the chin by a stray shard of glass apparently thrown by the posse of rival rapper, Drake.

Chris Brown and Drake – Brawlin’ in Da ClubThe setting was at WIP Nightclub, both hip hop artists were hanging at the VIP room when according to several witnesses Drake began yelling at Brown and pointing at him. That was when the bottles instead of popping ended up flying across the room as the posse of each singer/rapper shoved and started brawling with each other.

There are several conflicting reports on who started the incident. Some say it was Chris, some say it was Drake. There was talk that Chris sent a bottle of champagne over to Drake’s table but it sent back with a note that insulted Breezy and that was when he started to yell at Drake. Other people say that the feud was between Chris Brown and a rapper named Meek Mill. There is also talk that the two are feuding because of Rihanna who dated both guys.

But whoever started the melee, the clear thing was that 5 people got injured and no one was arrested. And to top it all, after both parties was done assaulting each other, they got into their limos and left before the cops came.

Unfortunately for Australian tourist, Hollie C. she became a casualty of the brawl. Hollie was in the club with some of her friends when the brawl started and it was too late to react when she noticed that one of the bottles was headed her way. It cracked her head and she went to the hospital alone, got 16 stitches, a tetanus shot , was sent home alone and had to ride the subway. Welcome to the America Hollie hope you enjoyed the hospitality.

Even Chris Brown’s bodyguard, Big Pat, was a mess with a big cut on the head but apparently it was because of friendly fire and not from the enemy’s side.

As for Hollie, she should check out her legal options and sue the club, Chris Brown and Drake for personal injury. She should be justly compensated.

Latest update on the situation is that Drake will not be questioned nor arrested even though he was part of the ruckus, sounds so wrong in many ways.

As for Chris Brown, his wholesome image was tarnished because of the incident where he was charged with domestic violence against his ex-gf, Rihanna and since then he has been constantly in the news because of bad behavior.

Due to the fight that happened at the WIP nightclub, the City of New York had an emergency meeting with NY club owners regarding the policy about bottles being used as a weapon. Christine C. Quinn of the NY City Council had this to say, “The purpose of this meeting is to send a clear message to all nightclub patrons that bottles cannot be used as weapons and to determine if the guidelines surrounding bottle service need to be updated or reworked.”

This incident only proves that celebrities tend to get away with everything. Instead of charging these felons for what they’ve done, the City Council instead just meets up with everyone without having a clear mandate. It is sad that people tolerate this thug-like, ghetto behavior. Celebrities like these should be given a lesson to stop their bratty behavior.

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