An LGBT Wedding for Mary Cheney

Roseville, CA — Mary Cheney, second daughter of Dick Cheney former Vice President of the United States under George W. Bush, tied the knot with her life partner Heather Poe Friday, the 22nd of June.

Mary and Heather married in Washington D.C. where same-sex marriages are allowed unlike in California where Proposition 8 forbids the marriage of same gender couples. Mary announced her just finished nuptials on her Facebook page by posting, “Very happy to announce that as of this morning, Heather and I are legally married 20 years after to the day after our first date.

Mary Cheney worked for AOL as a Vice President for Consumer Advocacy but left the company to venture into political consulting. She is also credited as one of the first employees of the Colorado Rockies Baseball team to have worked in promotions when the team started playing in Denver. She also worked for the Coors Brewing Company as a Public Relations Manager and a Gay and Lesbian Outreach Coordinator, she spearheaded the agenda of ending the national gay boycott of Coors while she was with the company.

By July of 2003, she was a key personnel in the re-election campaign of Bush-Cheney for the presidency and vice presidency of the United States, acting as the Director for Vice Presidential Operations.

of very conservative views and pushing forth the agenda of gay rights does not mix well with the party. Evidence of this was during the Bush-Cheney campaign, though she was the confidante and closest aide of her father, her life was not discussed in front of the media or mentioned during the campaign. Instead, the campaign focused on her sister Elizabeth and her children. But some argue that her presence bolstered the awareness of her orientation’s agenda. Even her mother, Lynne Cheney, denied the news about her sexual orientation during an interview with Cokie Roberts.

But Mary Cheney was open in public about her being a lesbian. As a matter of fact, she joined the Republican Unity Coalition in 2002. She left RUC (a gay-straight alliance) when she joined her father’s re-election bid.

She attracted the attention of the public when the Federation Marriage Amendment was supported by the Bush administration. The proposed revision to the Constitution of the United States would only recognize marriages between heterosexual couples and prohibits domestic partnerships and civil unions. Although she was against the proposition, she did not openly oppose it in order not to ruin the Bush campaign.

Going back to the story of her nuptials, Dick Cheney was asked about his opinion on his daughter’s same-sex marriage and he expressed that he was delighted that Mary and Heather were able to tie the knot.

The couple has two children together , a boy in 2007 and a daughter they named Sarah Lynne Cheney in 2009. Both children were conceived by Mary although there is no information on who the biological father is, just an anonymous sperm donor.

Mary Cheney met Heather Poe while she was playing ice hockey, Heather Poe was a park ranger at the time and 8 years her senior. They have been into a committed relationship ever since. Best of luck to the new brides.

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