Katie Holmes Files For Divorce: Sayonara Tom Cruise!

Roseville, CA — After being together for almost 6 years inclusive of their dating period, Katie Holmes is saying sayorana to her marriage to Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise by filing for divorce in New York state. News reports state that Tom was blindsided by Katie’s sudden action. He had no idea that she was going to be filing for dissolution of marriage when they looked so romantic together during a trip to Iceland two weeks ago.

Katie Holmes Files For Divorce Sayonara Tom CruiseAccording to the entertainment news outlet, TMZ, the major reason why Katie wanted to end the marriage is because they are unable to agree about religion, especially, in rearing up their daughter, Suri. Suri is already 6 years old and it appears that Tom has ideas for her to start learning and practicing scientology which Katie does not approve. Katie, who was raised Roman Catholic, tried to embrace scientology right after she started dating Tom in 2005 but later on denounced it and said she really was not into that religion. She might have realized it was a faux religion for the rich.

Scientology is a controversial religion that believes people are immortal beings that have lost or forgotten their true nature and teaches their members to regress to their past lives so that they can cure their present selves. The instructional materials and course for the group’s teachings are given to their members in exchange for a specified amount of money that is considered a donation to the church. A fancy schmancy faux religion for rich, gullible people seeking a higher power so to speak.

The tabloids and newspapers are reporting that Tom was blindsided by the divorce filing but apparently, weeks before Katie filed the dissolution of marriage petition, the couple was already sleeping apart for weeks. Holmes stayed in their apartment in New York, while Tom who came to New York on June 10 to spend a few days shooting a movie did not stay at the apartment but instead opted to rent a suite at the Greenwich Hotel. On top of that, Kate obtained another apartment and was going back and forth from the newly acquired pad to the one she shared with Tom. Telltale signs.

Instead of filing the divorce petition in California, where they tied the knot and own a mansion on Beverly Hills; Katie Holmes filed the petition in New York. They moved to New York more or less in 2008 so that Katie can concentrate building a career on Broadway.

The reason Katie did this is that in New York, she had a bigger chance of being able to get sole custody of Suri. In New York, if a couple is unable to get along, the family court usually grants sole custody to one parent. The court’s reason for this is that, it is not in the best interests of the child to be tossed in between warring parents. Meanwhile in California, the family court usually considers joint custody over sole custody because the California family law believes that it is best for the child to be raised by both parents despite them having separated or divorced.

Tom is going to be in a pickle if the petition will be processed by the New York courts because the taxes are outrageously high in that state. If Katie is able to establish her residency in New York, Tom will be hit with major taxes that is going to hurt him pretty bad in the pocket. He has been clearly trying not  to get snagged by the NY state tax, proof is that he even deeded the title of their NY apartment to Katie for tax purposes and he is trying to do everything in his means to move the petition to California. In California, he has a good chance of getting joint custody and California is a community property state so that means 50/50 on assets and liabilities.

Apparently, money is not an issue because they have a prenuptial agreement and Katie seems to be protected by it. The major beef between them is the custody of their child. But come to think of it, a long time ago when they became an item, it was rumored that an anonymous sperm donor was the real father of Katie’s child and not Tom because he was sterile since he had mumps as a child.

This divorce might end up taking a long time to finish and will be the talk of gossip columns in the days to come. No more TomKat.

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