Fullerton Police Slapped with Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Fresno, CA — It has been almost a year since the brutal death of homeless man Kelly Thomas from the hands of the Fullerton Police and now his father, Ron Thomas, announced that they are filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the Fullerton Police Department.

To refresh everyone’s memory, Kelly Thomas was a homeless man suffering from schizophrenia who was mercilessly tasered and choked to death by the Fullerton Police. The police had responded to a call from the Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Kitchen claiming he had been breaking into cars.

The police arrived at the scene and claimed that Kelly Thomas was uncooperative and resisted arrest. He was then tasered several times, beaten with flashlights and the butts of the tasers, they even slammed him to the ground. They probably thought they could do anything to him because he was a homeless man, they must have thought no one would care and no one would give a damn.

Kelly Thomas was then treated for minor injuries by the paramedics and was then transferred to the St. Jude Medical Center and then taken to the UC Irvine Medical Center where he never regained consciousness and was taken off life support by his parents on July 10, 2011. Based on the coroner’s report, he had choked in his own blood and his facial bones were broken. He went into a coma because the pressure exerted on his thorax made it difficult for Thomas to breath normally and thus depriving his brain of oxygen.

Unbeknownst to the officers who were fulfilling their dark fantasies of beating up people, their actions were being recorded by a surveillance pole camera of the Fullerton Transportation Center. The surveillance video fully detailed the gruesome events of the crime where the victim can be heard screaming, “Dad! Dad!” Yet, the officers relentlessly pounced on him even if he was already screaming in pain.

There were 6 people involved in the incident and they were all placed on administrative leave including other people in the Fullerton Police Department. Even the FBI got involved in the case because the Fullerton Police was trying to cover up for their people and that the Orange County District Attorney’s Office always fails to prosecute incidents where the police seem to be involved. The police even claimed that some of the officers were injured during the incident but it later turned out that only Kelly Thomas incurred injuries that caused his demise. Mysteriously, Police Chief Michael Sellers was placed on medical leave for reasons which were not discussed by the department.

The 6 involved officers were then charged with murder and arrested. City Councilman Bruce Whitaker believed that the officers even falsified their reports. Of the 6 indicted officers, Cpl. Jay Patrick Cicinelli was charged with involuntary manslaughter and felony use of excessive force and Officer Manuel Ramos with second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter.

Fast forward 2012, as mentioned earlier, Ron Thomas (Kelly Thomas’ father) held a press conference that he will be suing the Fullerton Police Department for the wrongful death of his son, Kelly. The Fullerton Police Department is indeed more than accountable for Thomas’ death but it also makes one think, that Thomas’ had a sad life and somewhere along the way his parents should also be sued. He was mentally ill, unable to cope up with the everyday requirements of life like maintain a job because of schizophrenia but why did his parents at the time turn a blind eye and just let him wander the streets … homeless? Now that he is dead, his parents proclaim how hurt they were when they saw the video? They could have placed him in a conservatorship or an institution or a care facility instead of just letting him wander around homeless and hungry. Unfortunately, Kelly Thomas is gone and can never come back, all the love and care they are showing now is just completely worthless.

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