The Jacksons – Shame and Scandal in the Family

Fresno, CA — “Oh, woe is me. Shame and scandal in the family” was part of the lyrics of an old Trini Lopez song. And there seems to be a lot of shame and scandal in the Jackson family, one of America’s well known African-American family. People thought that this family would fade into obscurity when Michael Jackson passed away but that was just the beginning of trouble. This family can beat any reality TV show plot, as they say fact is stranger than fiction.
Michael Jackson is already gone but his family, mainly his siblings, are squabbling against the estate of the King of Pop. His brothers Jermaine and Randy Jackson are claiming that the estate of Michael Jackson which is being managed by John McClain and John Branca,allegedly falsified the last will and testament of Michael leaving them (the siblings) with goose eggs in the money department. They are taking matters to court to overthrow the executors of the will.

Randy Jackson went on air via Al Sharpton’s “Politics Nation” to explain their side of the story on why they wanted the court to remove the current executors of the Jackson estate. According to Randy, “We feel there is criminal misconduct.” They even brought in a witness that claimed Michael was in New York and nowhere near the area of the where the will was being signed but there is a major problem with their witness because the witness does not remember the city he was in when the will was signed.

Prior to Michael’s death, MJ has been publicly known to dislike his siblings and father. MJ’s had his estate planning team cut off all his siblings from his will and the only group of people that will benefit from it are his kids: Prince, Paris and Prince Michael A.K.A Blanket.

Since Michael Jackson is dead, the attention was then thrown at his kids and it was their turn to be attacked. Michael’s children were controversial from the very first day the paparazzi and the world laid eyes on them. First of all, they were Caucasian in their features, no resemblance to their father. Their father was married to Debbie Rowe (a Caucasian) but DNA testing upon Michael’s death proved that he was not the biological father to these kids. The controversy of how they were conceived and how their biological mother just acted like a surrogate to fulfill Michael’s wishes to have white kids were such hot items on news columns and entertainment articles and they were viciously criticized for it. But Michael is still their legal father, they were not adopted, and despite how they came into this world, he acted as their father since conception.

Upon Michael’s demise, Katherine was given temporary guardianship by the court even though their biological mother also petitioned for custody rights. But both parties was able to settle an agreement wherein Katherine became the permanent guardian and Debbie Rowe was granted visitation rights along with an annuity which Michael Jackson had given her when he was alive to maintain her silence.

Now in a conspiracy that would make any soap opera plot to shame, MJ’s siblings (Randy, Jermaine, Janet, Tito, and Rebbie) apparently whisked away Katherine to Arizona leaving the 3 kids in California to be able to take control of the estate.

The Jackson siblings are trying to oust the estate by accusing them of fraud in order to get control and therefore manage the estate’s assets, obtain custody of the children and control that cold hard cash that the estate has been generating. But the problem is even if they oust the executors of the  Michael Jackson estate and have the court invalidate Michael’s will that cause the children to lose their rights to inheritance, Michael’s original will shall be put in place which still dictates that his siblings shall not get any money from the estate and that the executor to be assigned is still John Branca. The point is, if the estate was defrauding the Jackson family, how come it was able to almost wipe off Michael Jackson’s massive debt?

Beforethe Prince of  Pop died he was $500 million deep in debt, he was on the verge of bankruptcy, and had no choice but to sign for a 50-date concert tour to pay off some of his creditors even though he could no longer physically accomplish it. When he passed away, there was a renewed frenzy about him and about his work enabling the estate to rake in cash.  He was worth more in death than he was alive (which usually happens). As of 2011, Billboard reported that MJ’s estate is roughly worth $1 billion: film/tv value- $392 million, recording contract – $31 million, music sales – $429 million, `music publishing – $130 million, licensing/touring: $35 million.

Now his siblings are attempting for the money grab but unfortunately no matter what effort they exert they will get nada of Michael’s money. Good for Michael to have had a good estate planning team.

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