Arnold Schwarzenegger : Bad Ju-Ju?

Sacramento, CA — Does former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger have bad ju-ju or is it a part of karmic justice that he has  a negative effect on things lately?

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger just turned 65 but it seems he has not been having as much luck as he is used to or more of he is leaving “negative vibes” so to speak on the stuff he touches. Take for example, the ranch home that he and Maria owed. The sprawling property in Carpenteria is within a historic area of Santa Barbara, located at the exclusive Rancho Monte Alegre Project. The 25-acre property should be killing it at the market because it boasts of star-studded celebrity residents like Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable and John Wayne. Those names alone are sure to jack up the price of the property apart from the fact that it was also a former residence of a California governor and A-list actor. Unfortunately, even with all the big star names attached to the ranch it is a dud in the real estate market. For bargain price of $4.495 million, no buyer seems to be interested. The property was purchased for $4.7 million and had been listed on the real estate market since January but so far no takers.

Maria initially wanted to live there after her divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger was finalized but finally decided that she wanted to severe all memories and property that links to Arnold thus putting it up on the market. Maria being such a spiritual person and a believer in everything cosmic and psychic thinks that Arnold may have hexed or jinxed the place with negative energy. Could this be one of the places where he committed his indiscretions with their caretaker Patty Baena?

Arnold Schwarzenegger has always been known to be one of Hollywood’s notorious skirt-chasers. Back in 2011 when he was still governor, he was accused of using state funds to hide his illicit affairs. It was reported that he was using tax payer’s money in the form of his state funded security team to sneak in women into his Hyatt Regency Sacramento hotel room for sexual rendezvous. The Hyatt Regency Sacramento was the governor’s office in Sacramento since he did not have a residence in the area and take note this was also paid by taxpayers’ money and now you know why California is broke.

It was not until July of 2011 that Maria Shriver had enough of the governator’s sexcapades and indecencies after having found out that he fathered an illegitimate child with the housekeeper right under her nose. Maria filed for divorce but it has not been finalized yet because she often had second thoughts about pulling the plug on their marriage. But the divorce is finally on again since this time it is Arnold who is pushing for it. Possibly because he’s back on the hunt for women as evidenced by the paparazzi when he was at the Bagatelle restaurant back in July where he honed in on a 25-ish looking woman.

But before going farther to Arnold’s return to the swinging community, another incident proves that he possibly might be a bad energy magnet, a stuntman was killed on the set of his new movie, Expendables 2. Victim Kun Liu was on a rubber boat shooting an action scene near the Ognayanovo Reservoir back in October of 2011. High powered explosives were used during the filming of the scene but something went wrong and the stuntman got killed. Ken Liu’s parents are suing Millenium films and Chad Stahelski (the stunt coordinator) for wrongful death. In their wrongful death claim, Liu’s family cited that just compensation should be given due to funeral expenses and their son’s loss of “life, society, love, comfort, attention, services and support.”

Maybe it is about time for Arnold to have a spiritual cleansing of sorts to ward off all that bad energy…

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