Occupy Wall Street: Still Alive and Kicking in Oakland, CA

Oakland, CA — Occupy Wall Street may have fizzled out its initial hoopla in New York state but it appears the movement has found a new home in Oakland, California.

With lots of pot, fliers and free food, one would think this is one of those 60s and 70s hippie, flower-power rallies but this is 2012 and the people involved are from the Anti-Capitalist Brigade — same agenda, just less colorful clothes, less free love but the pot use is still the same.

Despite the lack of a centralized plan, the Occupy Oakland movement never fails to attract militant activists by the numbers. May Day 2012 they decided to barricade the Golden Gate Bridge as request of labor union coalitions but backed out at the last minute. The protesters utilized a different agenda instead by congregating at different protest stations and spread into the streets donning gas masks and shields (some with homemade improvisations like a bandana soaked in vinegar) turning the sleepy Oakland downtown into a carnival of sorts with a parade of activists coming from different backgrounds: seasoned professors, members of the Black Bloc wearing ninja outfits faces hidden, professional revolutionaries and graduate students.

Unlike the flower power revolution of the hippie culture back in the 60s and 70s, the participants of the Occupy Oakland movement are more

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