The SCRAM Bracelet

The court can prescribe the offender guilty of DUI / DWI  to wear an electronic device to monitor alcohol consumption. SCRAM stands for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring. It is a bracelet like device which must be attached to the ankle. It measures the amount of alcohol in the person’s sweat.

State La on SCRAM Bracelets

In many states, the judge may require a convicted DUI/DWI offender to wear a SCRAM bracelet as a condition for an early release, probation or parole. Repeat offenders may also be ordered to wear this bracelet-like device. In some states, the convicted offender may choose this device instead of reporting for in-person alcohol tests as part of the sentence.

How the SCRAM Bracelet Works

The SCRAM bracelet detects the presence of alcohol in the person’s sweat. The device can detect event the minutest level of alcohol. Depending on the system in use in the state, there are two ways the enforcement authorities can know of the presence of alcohol. In some states, there is periodic physical checking of the device and the results are downloaded by the authorities during the physical checks. In some states, the person must use a modem provided along with the SCRAM bracelet and upload the readings at regular intervals which is then downloaded by the authorities. If the readings indicate alcohol presence, the authorities will report you to the court that sentenced you. Depending on the terms of your sentence, you may be subjected to additional penalties.

Tampering with the SCRAM device

Tampering with the SCRAM device is an offense. If the authorities detect any tampering with the device, they will report you to the court and you will be tried for the offense. If convicted, you will be subject to additional penalties. If you have been charged with tampering of a SCRAM bracelet, contact an experienced DUI/DWI lawyer. There may be defenses available to you.

Cost of the SCRAM device

You must pay for the device and bear the charges for device. If you are unable to pay, you can request a waiver. The SCRAM bracelet can cost thousands of dollars. You will also have to pay monthly charges for the physical checks or result downloads.

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