Divorce Advice Sacramento, CA: Things You Need to Know and Expect

Divorce Advice Sacramento, CA: The Initial Steps


When applying for divorce in Sacramento, CA, the good news is you have the liberty to do so with or without any reason but you still have to be within the bounds of Irreconcilable Differences or Incurable Insanity. Sounds ironic for a no-fault state? Yes, but that’s not all. For you to be able to apply for divorce, you must be a resident of California for no less than six months and a resident of your county for no less than 3 months. All of these suggest that there are still prerequisites that you must fulfill in order to file for divorce.

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Divorce Advice Sacramento, CA: Obtaining Advice

Obtaining divorce advice Sacramento, CA can be done by contacting experts on the subject, specifically divorce lawyers. You can contact the Law Firm mentioned above for this matter. Most law firms that offer advice offer their services for free.

What to Expect from a No Fault State

Because Sacramento, CA and other parts thereof are all No Fault zones, a filed divorce case can be enforced even without much cooperation from the respondent. If you will file a divorce case and your spouse does not respond within 30 days starting from the day you served the divorce papers to him/her, the court will proceed with the case and will consider it as an uncontested divorce case. This can, however, be problematic for spouses who don’t want to divorce their spouse but they have no option. The best divorce advice Sacramento, CA is to try to reconcile with the spouse to cancel the divorce case because the respondent would be powerless to stop the case once it gets filed.

The Importance of Spouses Making Decisions

If the respondent responds and conflicts and disagreements arise, the court may take over in certain instances such as in dividing properties and assets and child custody up to child support. For our divorce advice Sacramento, CA, spouses should make the decisions to reduce court expenses and other resources. This should also save you time in court.

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