Hiring an Elk Grove DUI attorney should be the first thing you should do if you are charged with DUI. Speaking to the police or giving statements to the police without consulting an experienced DUI attorney will only create more problems for you. The police will use anything and everything you say as evidence against you in court.

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Licensed to Practice

Before hiring a DUI attorney, it is important ensure that the attorney is authorized to practice in the state. You must check on the attorney’s experience in handling DUI cases. Talk to the attorney before hiring the attorney. You should feel comfortable working with the attorney. In the absence of a comfort level, you will not have a proper working relationship with the attorney. This can harm your case. After hiring a DUI attorney, you must make a full disclosure of all facts of your case. After reviewing the facts of your arrest, the attorney can develop a strong defense strategy. All the DUI attorneys at Thomas Hogan Law Office are licensed to practice in California.

Many Aspects of a DUI case

A DUI case has many aspects. While some of them are obvious, some are not. An experienced DUI attorney will have the required skill and expertise to conduct the necessary investigation to reveal all aspects of your case. Merely because your blood test results indicate a high alcohol concentration in your blood, it does not mean that you are guilty as charged. Our experienced Elk Grove DUI attorneys will stand by you in your battle.

Burden of Proof

The prosecution has the burden of proof – they must prove the DUI charges against you beyond reasonable doubts. Various factors can influence the accuracy of the blood test results. The laboratory where the test is carried out must follow certain procedures. If the laboratory fails to observe the procedures, you can seek to have the results of the blood test result excluded from evidence against you. The blood test result is the main evidence against you. The DUI attorneys at Thomas Hogan Law Office will challenge the evidence against you.

Field Sobriety Tests

Our Elk Grove DUI attorneys will question the basis of the field sobriety tests and the blood tests. Our attorneys will challenge the accuracy of the results of such tests. We understand that even sober people who haven’t had a drop of alcohol can fail the field sobriety tests. Many factors can affect the results of a field sobriety test.


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