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Elk Grove Tax Planning

Tax planning refers to the minimizing of tax liabilities legally and by means of full disclosure to the tax authorities. It is different from tax evasion and tax avoidance. Tax evasion is the minimizing of tax liabilities illegally, usually by not disclosing that one is liable to tax or by giving false information to the authorities. Tax evasion is liable to severe penalties. Tax avoidance refers to the minimizing of tax liabilities legally and by means of full disclosure to the tax authorities. If you need assistance with tax planning contact our Elk Grove tax attorneys.

Corporate Income Tax

Our Elk Grove tax attorneys can assist you business deal with corporate income tax. The basic corporate income tax structure is actually quite simple, although the various tax laws governing how corporate taxable income is determined are quite complex. The laws not only are complex, they also are subject to frequent revision by Congress. Major revisions of the tax code have been particularly frequent in recent years.

Business Tax

United States has an enormously complex and overlapping tax system. The federal government taxes both individual and corporate income, as do most states. The federal government imposes excise taxes on gasoline, cigarettes, and alcoholic beverages, as do most of the states, although thus far there is no general federal sales tax. Businesses that operate in more than one state find their activities considerably complicated by having to deal with so many tax codes. Our Elk Grove tax attorneys can help your business deal with the many tax codes.

Dealing with the IRS

If you have received any notice from the IRS, contact Thomas Hogan Law Office. It is important that you deal with the IRS Notice. The IRS can take stringent steps to recover tax dues including property levy and garnishment of your wage and bank accounts. Our Elk Grove tax attorneys can negotiate with the IRS to settle your tax debts.


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