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The foreclosure attorneys at Thomas Hogan Law Office Fresno understand that the prospect of loosing one’s home to foreclosure is not a great feeling. If you default on your mortgage payments, your lender can take over your home and sell it to pay off your mortgage.Foreclosures, wrongful foreclosure, foreclosure attorney, California foreclosure attorney, Thomas Hogan Law Office, Fresno, California, Fresno loan modification, Fresno short sale, Fresno bankruptcy

Foreclosure is not a sudden process. It takes place over a period of time. Your lender will give you notice of its intention to foreclose. If you are unable to make your mortgage payments on time or are in default and have received a foreclosure notice from your creditor, there are steps you can take to prevent the foreclosure and save your home. Contact Thomas Hogan Law OfficeFresno. Our foreclosure attorneys can review your situations and advice you on your options and assist you save your home from foreclosure.

Depending on your specific circumstances you may have various options available to prevent the foreclosure and to save your home. These options include short sale, loan modification and bankruptcy. Talk to ourFresnoforeclosure attorneys to know which option is most suitable for you.

Loan Modification

OurFresnoforeclosure attorneys can negotiate with your lender for a loan modification. In a loan modification, your lender will modify the terms of your loan such as lowering the monthly payments and increasing the loan term so that your monthly payments become affordable. Our foreclosure attorneys have even negotiated and obtained modification of the principal amount owed. Speak to ourFresnoforeclosure attorneys to know about the various benefits of using loan modification to prevent foreclosure.

Short Sale

Sometimes it may be better for you to let go of the house to prevent foreclosure. In such cases, ourFresnoforeclosure attorneys can negotiate with your lender for a short sale. In a short sale, the lender allows the home to be sold at a loss in order to prevent foreclosure. Through negotiations, ourFresnoforeclosure attorneys have successfully convinced lenders to forgive the deficiency amount – the difference between the sale price and the mortgage amount.

If you want to sell your house to prevent foreclosure, talk to our Fresno foreclosure attorney. Our foreclosure attorneys will explain the impact a short sale and foreclosure will have on your credit and then assist you take an informed decision. 


You can stop foreclosure by filing for bankruptcy. However bankruptcy should be used as the last resort. If you want to file for bankruptcy to prevent foreclosure, consult with ourFresnobankruptcy lawyers. Our bankruptcy lawyers will review your case and advice you whether or not you should file for bankruptcy and whether any other option is available to you to prevent foreclosure. If bankruptcy is your only option to prevent foreclosure, our attorneys will advice you to file under Chapter 13 as it will allow you to keep your home if you make the payments according to the court approved payment plan. Contact Thomas Hogan Law Office Fresno for personalized advice on using bankruptcy to prevent foreclosure. We provide a free 30 minute consultation. Contact us at (559) 421-9577. We are open Monday to Friday 9AM – 6PM. If the weekends work better for you, give us a call and we will arrange an appropriate time slot for you.

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