Divorce law is a complex and vast field. It concerns the rights of spouses, children and other family members. In fact, family law also deals with the rights of people who aren’t married but live together. Family law determines who inherit what and who is responsible for looking after persons who are incapable of looking after themselves. The divorce attorneys of Thomas Hogan Law Office Fresno have years of experience in dealing with family law issues.

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Divorce Law in Fresno, CA: Cohabitation

When establishing a relationship that involves life in common, that is, joint consumption and production; a man and a woman have two possible options -to legally formalize and register their relationship, i.e. marriage or simply to live together with no legal formalities, i.e. cohabitation. Until fairly recently the choice of cohabitation meant that the couple relinquished, or were not eligible for, the compulsory provisions of family law with respect to the rights and duties of spouses and for the purposes of dissolving their relationship. Today the differences between marriage and cohabitation are much less important because cohabitation also produces legal effects, some of which are similar to those of formal marriage. But marriage still has greater implications and gives rise to a wider range of obligations and rights for the spouses. The transaction costs of enforcing rights are lower in the case of marriage than in the case of cohabitation because to claim certain rights as a result of cohabitation it is usually necessary to prove that the relationship existed and lasted for a specific period of time whereas these facts are proved in marriage by its mere existence. Contact Thomas Hogan Law Office Fresno to learn your rights as a cohabitant.

Divorce Law in Fresno, CA: Guardianship

Guardianship hearings are informal or non-adversarial. In most instances, only the petitioner and his or her attorney are present, and as a result, no one is able to challenge any of the evidence submitted. The alleged incompetent person was seldom present at the hearing, and in some cases was discouraged from attending the hearing or was not fully advised of the right to attend the hearing. The non-adversarial nature of the hearing results in evidence going unchallenged, often making the medical evidence the only grounds the court uses to grant a guardianship. If you are looking for advice or assistance with guardianship, contact the divorce attorneys at Thomas Hogan Law Office Fresno.

Divorce Law in Fresno, CA: Inheritance

In the United States, the surviving spouse receives greater protection in inheritance schemes than any other family member. In fact, the surviving spouse is the only family member who consistently receives significant protection from intentional disinheritance by the decedent. In Community States like California, the assets acquired by either spouse during the marriage is a community asset and will belong equally to both spouses. So when one spouse dies, the other will be automatically entitled to the whole asset. However, inheritance law is complex. Contact Thomas Hogan Law Office Fresno for advice and assistance with inheritance law.

Divorce Law in Fresno, CA: Prenuptial Agreements

Today more and more prospective couples are entering into prenuptial agreements. They see it as a means to protect themselves and their assets in case the martial union fails. A prenuptial agreement can only be enforced if it is valid. Courts will not enforce prenuptial agreements that contain clauses which are prohibited by law. Don’t let this happen to you. Contact our Fresno divorce attorneys for more information.

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