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The Thomas Hogan Law Office Fresno is an attorney firm with 25 years of professional experience in financial matters. Thomas Hogan is experienced in bankruptcy, family law and tax law. Visit his personal profile page to view his full professional background. From our convenient law office in Fresno, CA our top quality attorneys can provide you with legal assistance. Our specialties include:

Fresno Bankruptcy Attorneys

Our bankruptcy attorneys can provide you with top quality bankruptcy legal advice and services. The bankruptcy attorneys at our Fresno office are experienced in bankruptcy filings. They can assist you navigate the complication and troublesome process of bankruptcy filing. Our attorneys will review your finances and advise you on the best type of bankruptcy for you. They will advise you to file for bankruptcy only as the last resort. They will review your options and advise you of your best option to deal with your debts. The bankruptcies in Fresno, CA are filed under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code. Our bankruptcy attorneys can assist you decide the right chapter based on your particular requirements and circumstances.

Fresno Tax Attorneys

The tax law attorneys of Thomas Hogan Law Office Fresno can assist you with your tax problem. Our expert tax law attorneys understand how stressful it can be to deal with tax issues. They can develop strategies and techniques to deal with your tax issues and assist you prevent further tax problems. The tax attorneys at our Fresno office have successfully represented many clients before the IRS over the years. They have defended clients charged with tax frauds, represented clients in IRS audits and have assisted clients develop strategies to legally lower their tax obligations.

Fresno Family Law

California is a “community property” state and that means whatever the husband or wife earned or brought into the marriage will be split 50/50 in the event of divorce or legal separation. Due to this law, family law cases in California become complicated, bitter and expensive. Children are the usual casualties of this domestic war. They are torn between parents while the parents consider them as property that has to be divided. Other issues like child support and visitation rights also become the bone of contention in a family law case. Not only that, a family law case might also involve issues about spousal support, grandparents’ rights, parenting plans, emancipation, relinquishment of parental rights, restraining orders and so on and so forth. These legal issues are the side effects which makes a family law case complicated. Only an expert family attorney can help you resolve these matters quickly and amicably. If you are in Fresno, CA the best thing you can do is contact the Thomas Hogan Law Office. With 25 years experience in handling family law cases, we know the ins and outs of family law and we can assure you, you will win. Call or visit us today for a consultation.

Fresno Divorce Attorneys

The divorce process is complex. You will need an experienced divorce attorney to guide you thorough the complex maze of divorce laws. To be eligible to file a divorce petition, you must meet the residence requirements. After you have filed your initial papers with the court, the next step is to “serve” the papers on your spouse. If you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement on the different issues of the divorce such as child custody, alimony, child support and property distribution, the court will determine these issues. Our Fresno Family Law/Divorce Law Attorneys can assist you with your divorce.

Fresno DUI Attorneys

DUI (or Driving Under the Influence) is a serious offense. A DUI conviction can change your life forever. Our DUI attorneys understand that mistakes happen and a DUI charge does not necessarily mean that you are guilty. Our attorneys will fight to protect your rights.

Fresno Probate Trust Wills & Estate Planning Attorneys

An estate plan may involve a host of strategies including a will, power of attorney, joint ownership, or a living trust. The process of estate planning involves a thorough analysis of the individual’s financial situation, followed by an implementation of the proper legal steps to activate the plan. As this process is admittedly complex, you should seek the expertise of professionals in formulating such a plan – estate planning attorneys.

The advantages for the patient can prove significant, both financially and emotionally. Speak to a Fresno estate planning attorney from the Thomas Hogan Law Office to know the estate planning strategy best suited for your needs. Comprehensive estate planning has a number of facets, with particulars depending on an individual’s assets, family circumstances and preferences. Not least among the estate-planning objectives is a near universal concern with the protection of assets against the various taxes usually considered by estate planners: federal and state income taxes (both of individuals and of estates and trusts, that is, fiduciary income taxes), the federal estate and gift tax, the federal generation-skipping transfer tax, and state inheritance and estate taxes—all essentially transfer taxes imposed on the inter vivos or testamentary transfer of property.

Avoidance of these taxes is one of the most important reasons for estate planning and, to many individuals, perhaps its principal motivating factor, and although the majority of estates are not subject to all of these taxes, a competent estate planner must consider their possible effect in any comprehensive estate plan.

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