How to Unseal Adoption Records Sacramento, CA

The Initial steps to Unseal Adoption Records Sacramento, CA

Adoption Records Sacramento, CA

There will come a time when adopted children will seek out the identity of their biological parents and the task of unsealing of adoption records Sacramento, CA is not going to be easy. This is due to the fact that the court also has an obligation to protect the identity of the biological parents. Biological parents also seeking for their children are going to have a hard time obtaining the identity of the adoptive parents. The initial stages of filing to unseal adoption Sacramento, CA requires that the petitioner is aged 21 or up. The proper forms can be requested from the California Department of Social Services. The petitioner should also state the reason(s) for obtaining the records.

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Time and Patience is Inevitable in the Process of Unsealing Adoption Records Sacramento, CA

It will take some time before the biological parents will be informed of the petition thus patience on part of the child is essential. On the biological parents’ side, it would be a lucky day for the child if they too are looking for the child. The process would be more of a family reunion.

Reasonable and True

As for the reasons why adopted children want to unseal their adoption records Sacramento, CA, these have to have enough weight to convince the court to release adoption records Sacramento, CA such as medical reasons. However, the reasons must still be truthful since making up alibis can easily backfire. In most cases, adopted children try to seek their parents just to get know about themselves and their history.

Mutual Consent Program

The Mutual Consent Program is one of the simpler methods of trying to establish contact with the biological parents. The adoptee will have to fill up the AD 904 form which is the Consent for Contact Form. A copy can be requested from CDSS and the form will be submitted to the adoption agency that handled the case. If the biological parents gives consent to establish contact then the two parties will be given the freedom to do so. The adoptee filing for MCP has to be 18 years of age or above.

For Biological Parents trying to Contact their Children

The process can be just as difficult on this side as it is on the adopted children since parental rights have been relinquished and have been turned over to the adoptive parents. The biological parent will have to sign the Consent to Contact form and submit it to the adoption agency that handled the case. If the child agrees to make contact, and the child has to be at least 18 years of age, then the Consent will push through.

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