Marriage Annulment Sacramento, CA

What is Marriage Annulment Sacramento, CA

Marriage Annulment Sacramento, CA Marriage annulment, putting it into simple words, is a legal process that reverts the civil status of a person back to single from a married status, erasing the fact that that person was ever married. This only affects the marriage which the annulment is applied to. For a marriage to be valid for annulment it should meet certain requirements. In the case of California, only divorce is considered “no fault”, annulment is a bit trickier business. The end result has a slight difference and the children’s illegitimacy is unaffected.

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Annulment requires at least one criterion to be eligible:

  1. One or both spouses are under-aged during the time of the wedding.
  2. The degrees of relationship between the spouses, in terms of bloodlines, are in close proximity.
  3. One or both spouses are still legally married to a previous marriage when they got married.
  4. Impotency of one or both spouses.
  5. Mental disability.
  6. The marriage was executed under or due to threat to one or both spouses.
  7. Fraud or intentional failure to disclose important information such as marriage history, medical history and criminal history.

Commonly Asked Questions about Marriage Annulment Sacramento, CA

For this section, we will be checking into certain issues that couples may have whether upon deciding to file divorce or marriage annulment Sacramento, CA.

Examples of Situations:

  1. Does a questionable guardian consenting to a marriage make the marriage invalid or valid? This is dependent on the real status of the guardian during the time of the marriage. A legal guardian simply means a valid marriage.
  2. Does misspelled or wrong information being encoded into marriage licenses invalidate the marriage? Yes, especially information pertaining the spouses.
  3. If the marriage was performed by any person, does that make it legal? If the state has given authority to the person to performed marriages then yes. In cases like these, annulment is not applicable since the marriage is not valid from the start.
  4. Is a marriage ceremony required to make a marriage valid? Yes because the marriage certificate will have to be signed by the person, such as a minister in church, to be submitted to the county clerk.
  5. Getting remarried in Church such as the Catholic Church requires that previous marriages should be annulled but what if the previous marriage of a spouse was done in a church that does not perform annulment? Cases like these will require consultation with the person who conducted the ceremony. In the case of Jewish Wedding, the Rabbi should be consulted regarding the matter. Although Jews have a “get” which is just another name for annulment. Sometimes, finding the right terminology for annulment in the context of that church can clear things up.
  6. If one or both spouses are being pressured into marriage annulment Sacramento, CA before the wedding, is annulment a valid case? The spouses can save themselves the trouble and just cancel the wedding altogether or postpone the wedding and attend pre marriage counseling.
  7. How does child custody work for marriage annulment Sacramento, CA? The effect the children is similar to a divorce and for the record, annulment does not affect the legitimacy of the children.

What general advice can be given to trouble couples?

The best solution is to resolve conflicts within the family. This would be the first course of action to any given situation in the family. If the matter could not be resolved then consulting people who help couples with issues would be the next step. If the matter could not be resolved and either a divorce or marriage annulment Sacramento, CA is the only solution, the consequences of either action should be made ready for.

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