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Modesto Bankruptcy Attorney

Filing for bankruptcy can be a stressful event. Your mind may not think properly because of the stress. You will be prone to making mistakes. Don’t take chances. Contact the Thomas Hogan Law Office for assistance with bankruptcy filing. Our attorneys will advise you of the best chapter of filing after reviewing your case. In case of a Chapter 7 filing, we can assist you get the maximum exemptions. Our attorneys can assist you prepare a Chapter 13 payment plan. Our attorneys will stand by you from the beginning of your bankruptcy proceeding till you get a bankruptcy discharge.

Modesto Tax Attorney Services

Filing your tax return is not as easy as it appears to be. Even a minor mistake can prove costly. It can result in an audit. If you are being audited by the IRS, contact Thomas Hogan Law Office. Our tax attorneys can represent you in the audit and convince the IRS about the correctness of your tax returns. If there is a mistake on your tax returns, we can convince the IRS that it is a genuine mistake and not made to avoid tax liability. Besides representing the client before the IRS, we also provide a range of tax services including tax filing and tax planning.

Modesto Divorce Attorney

Divorce law is a an emotional and complex area of the law. Our divorce attorneys are experienced in resolving complex divorce issues. We can assist you in your divorce proceeding and make sure there is an equitable split between you and your ex.

Modesto Family Law Attorney

Family law is a complex maze of statutes and precedents. Unless you are an expert do not attempt to deal with any family or divorce law issue without the assistance of an experienced attorney. Contact Thomas Hogan Law Office. Our family & divorce attorneys can help you. Over the last 25 years, our family & divorce attorneys have assisted clients across Northern California. Our attorneys can assist you with representation in a divorce proceeding and also issues such as custody, child support, spousal support and alimony payments. We understand that every divorce is different. The solution must be tailored for the client’s specific requirements. We provide legal assistance and representation based on the client’s specific requirements and protect the client’s interest at all times.

Modesto DUI Defense Attorneys

Drunk driving or DUI is the most common crime that occurs across the United States. But not everyone who is charged with DUI is guilty as the police claim. If you have been charged with DUI, call Thomas Hogan Law Office. Our DUI attorneys will fight the charges against you. We understand that the evidence relied upon by the police is not fool proof and can be challenged in the court. We will protect your constitutional rights. Remember never plead guilty to a DUI charge. You will be convicted and a DUI conviction can result in a prison sentence. It will also create a criminal record which will remain with you for the rest of your life.

Modesto Probate Trust Wills & Estate Planning

Estate planning encompasses more than just ensuring that your investments and assets are liquidated upon your demise. It also covers the areas where the ones you leave behind are secure and well provided for. As such, Professional advice is needed to plan an estate. Traditionally, lawyers, accountants, trust departments of banks, and life insurance agents have been sources of competent help. However, it is well to bear in mind that the life insurance agent and the banker may be somewhat influenced by the fact that they receive no compensation for their services unless you buy life insurance or use the bank. Accountants are generally knowledgeable about taxes. One whom you may have been using for income tax work can probably also help with your estate planning, and will undoubtedly be able to recommend a lawyer to assist with legal matters. Inevitably, you will need to consult a lawyer for the preparation of documents and legal advice. The legal advice will probably be as unbiased as any you can find since the lawyer is unlikely to care which bank you use or whether you buy life insurance. Speak to our Modesto estate planning attorneys for all your estate planning needs and advice.

Modesto Immigration Law Attorneys

Immigration Law is consistently changing and there are few resources available to those who need guidance in maneuvering the legality of citizenship. As more and more of these complicated legal policies evolve, fear and insecurity may rise within our community as individuals struggle with their understanding of such complex laws. Oftentimes, people in our community may be left unaware of their civil rights and what legal actions they may need to take regarding immigration and citizenship.

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