Consequences of bad bankruptcy advice can be disastrous. Bankruptcy is a complex process. Even a small mistake can cost you dearly. Only a doctor can give you medical advice. Similarly, only a bankruptcy lawyer can offer bankruptcy advice. Bankruptcy is a legal process which normally governs by the United States Bankruptcy Code. The exempt properties will determine with the help of State laws. There are many self-proclaimed experts who are willing to offer you advice for a fee. But remember, any advice on bankruptcy is legal advice and only a lawyer can offer legal advice concerning bankruptcy.  Don’t take chances. Contact Thomas Hogan Law Office Modesto.

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Bankruptcy Petition in Modesto, CA

There are many software packages available in the market that claim to prepare bankruptcy petitions based on the inputs provided by the user. Bankruptcy petition preparation is complex and time consuming. There are many forms to be filled and submitted to the court. Even a small mistake can prove costly. Therefore you should hire the services of a bankruptcy attorney your bankruptcy petition preparation. Our Modesto office bankruptcy attorneys can assist you prepare your bankruptcy petition accurately.

Modesto Bankruptcy: Retirement Assets

Never listen to anyone who advices you to use your retirement assets to prevent bankruptcy. Our bankruptcy attorneys in Modesto will advise you against using retirement assets to avoid bankruptcy. Most of the debts that you’re seeking to pay off can discharge in bankruptcy. Your retirement funds will be perfectly safe from the hands of any creditors, unless you have borrowed against your retirement plan. Therefore, is important that you avoid using retirement assets to prevent bankruptcy.

A Fresh Start

If you are considering bankruptcy, contact Thomas Hogan Law Office Modesto. Our bankruptcy attorneys can advise you whether you qualify for Chapter 7 or whether you should file under Chapter 13. Our attorneys will prepare you petition and ensure that your debts are discharged to the extent permitted by law. Remember bankruptcy is a legal process meant to give debtors a fresh start in life. A person considering bankruptcy must be made aware of the consequences and the debts that debts that will be discharged and those that won’t be discharged in a bankruptcy.

Foreclosure in Modesto

Missing a mortgage payment should be of serious concern to you. When you miss your first payment or you know you are about to default for the first time, it is vital that you get in touch with the lender and explain the reason for your default. The lender will be in a position to assist and may give you additional time to become current. Many lenders have foreclosure prevention programs. You may be eligible for these programs. You can negotiate with the lender to modify the terms of your mortgage to allow you to make lower payments every month. If you are facing foreclosure, consult with the foreclosure attorneys of Thomas Hogan Law Office Modesto to know your options.

Avoiding Pitfalls

The entire process from preparing of the bankruptcy petition till discharge is complex and there are many pitfalls which must need to avoid. Especially, One wrong move can prove costly for you. Moreover, The right advice is very important. After analyzing your case our attorneys will explain the pitfalls and advantages of filing for bankruptcy under different chapters. The attorney’s fee will be well worth the advice and service you will receive from the attorney. Contact the Thomas Hogan Law Office Modesto today.

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