Once you have decided to divorce your spouse, there are some things which you must do to ensure that the legal process of divorce is smooth. First, you need to consult an expert and Thomas Hogan Law Office Modesto is a good option. One big decision that can’t be put off for long is who will live where for the time being—that includes you, your spouse, and your children. Our divorce attorneys can assist you with the divorce process. They can file the petition for you and advise you of your options at every stage of the divorce proceeding.

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Modesto Divorce: Filing the Divorce Petition

Filing of the divorce petition is the first step in a divorce proceeding. The petition must be filed in the court having jurisdiction and on the correct forms. Once the petition is filed, it must be served on the other spouse. The service must be done as required by law. If the service is not proper, the other spouse can request the court to dismiss the petition. Divorce law is complex. Don’t let the procedures get the better of you. Speak to a divorce attorney from Thomas Hogan Law Office Modesto.

Modesto Divorce: Spousal Support

Spousal support or alimony can be permanent or temporary. Temporary alimony is payable for a certain period of time or until the happening of a specified event such as the receiving spouse getting a job. Permanent alimony continues until the receiving spouse remarries or on the death of either spouse. However the spouses may agree to continue with the spousal support payment even after the death of either spouse. If you are paying spousal support under an agreement, you can negotiate with your spouse to terminate the spousal support obligation. However if your spouse is not willing to accept your request for terminating the spousal support obligation, you will have to file an application in court. If you are paying spousal support under a court order, you must file an application in court for termination of your obligation to pay spousal support. If you want to modify your spousal support obligation, contact Thomas Hogan Law Office Modesto. Our divorce attorneys can assist you.

Child Support

One of the most common methods of getting unpaid back support is wage garnishment. The receiving spouse must petition the court for an order of wage garnishment. Some support orders provide for automatic deduction of the support amount from the paying spouses wages when the payments become overdue. If such a provision is there in the child support order, then the problem of unpaid back support will be reduced. However, wage garnishments work only if the paying spouse has an employer. If your spouse is not paying child support despite a court order, our Modesto divorce attorneys can assist you collect the unpaid support.

Gay Marriages

While the laws on divorce between heterosexual couples in place, laws on gay divorce are in an infancy stage. Due to this there is very little legal information on how to divorce a gay or lesbian marriage. If there is a prenuptial agreement between the partners, then the process of divorce is comparatively easy. The prenuptial agreement if drafted properly will contain provisions on dealing with the issues that can arise from a divorce.

In the absence of any laws on gay divorce, gay and lesbian couples have few options. The first option which is also the easiest and least expensive option would be for both partners to walk out of the marriage. However this can be a problem when one partner walks away with more than his or her rightfully share. If you are in a same sex marriage and you want a divorce, contact Thomas Hogan Law Office. Our Modesto office divorce attorneys can review your circumstances and advice you of your options.

Divorce Forms and other Family Law Case Forms

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