Family law is a vast area of law. It covers everything that can affect a family including marriage, adoption, guardianship, paternity, etc. Not every attorney can handle the complex issues of family law. If you need assistance with family law, contact the experts at Thomas Hogan Law Office Modesto. Our family law attorneys have been assisting clients across California for the past 25 years.

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Prenuptial Agreements

A family law attorney can assist couples who are entering into a marriage sign a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement allows the prospective spouses to decide whether and to what extent each will have an interest in the assets of the other not only during the marriage but also upon termination of the marriage by divorce or death. If a valid prenuptial agreement includes a provision that the survivor shall have no right to any of the assets of the decedent’s estate or to an elective share, the survivor will receive nothing from the decedent’s estate. Similarly if the agreement provides that the surviving spouse will receive a certain sum in lieu of the elective share, the provisions of the contract will prevail over the elective share the survivor could have otherwise received.


The term cohabitants can be a bit confusing. It traditional usage it simply means those who live together. Using that definition, it is clear that cohabitants and spouses are not mutually exclusive terms since most spouses live together. Determining whether a survivor was the decedent’s cohabitant is not always easy. The law governing cohabitation is complex. Contact our Modesto family law attorneys for assistance.


The law of paternity is complex. Modern paternity decisions may reject the child’s irrefutable genetic link to one man and instead find a man who unquestionably is not the child’s genetic progenitor is nonetheless the child’s legal father. Because of the sheer number of out of wedlock children conceived each year, the resolution of paternity disputes remains extremely important for determining heirship. Especially, The courts can order a person to take a paternity test. If you want to establish your paternity using paternity tests, contact the  Thomas Hogan Law Office Modesto.

Termination of Paternal Rights

Parents may give up their children for adoption when they feel they cannot raise them. This can occur with newborns or with older children. Sometimes parents are doing children a huge favor by allowing adoption to proceed. The caseworker and judge will make the arrangements for termination of parental rights. Sometimes birth parents try to meet the various requirements set forth by the judge, but they do not succeed. If the court’s requirements are not met, the court will terminate the birth parents’ rights. However, Sometimes there are long delays in this complicated process. The biological parents may cause the delays if they do not want to give up the child.

Alternatives to Guardianship

There are some alternatives to guardianship. While none of the alternative is exactly like guardianship, they can help stave off guardianship if they are utilized properly according to the needs of the particular individual. Properly planning using the alternatives can sometimes eliminate the needs for guardianship in some cases. Legal due process and protections are different for each alternative. Guardianship law is complex. Contact the Thomas Hogan Law Office Modesto.

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