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Foreclosure is indeed a frightening word. The lingering after effects is even more frightening. The effects of your foreclosure remain on your credit report for the next 7 years. The present foreclosure crisis is the result of the rash and ingloriously under regulated mortgage lending. Adjustable rate loans have now become unaffordable to homeowners with low income and poor credit because of the increase in the monthly payments. The plight of these homeowners is not entirely their creation. If you are facing foreclosure, contact Thomas Hogan Law Office.

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Modesto Foreclosure Timing

Before you take any steps to prevent foreclosure, you must be aware of the time available to you. Timing is very important if you want to save your home from foreclosure. That is because foreclosure is not an event but a process. It is not immediate but takes place over a period of time and in stages. At every stage, you can take steps to prevent the foreclosure. At all time until the foreclosure, the house is yours. You remain in full control of the house until it is official transferred after the sale to the new owner. Our Modesto Foreclosure attorneys can assist you take timely action to save your home.

Modesto Foreclosure Negotiation

An important and often successful strategy used by many homeowners in financial distress is to negotiate with the lender for a temporary delay in payments or reduced payments for temporary period. Lenders are aware that they are better off having you make whatever payments you can afford rather than foreclosing your home. Your lender can accommodate you in many ways. However when you are facing foreclosure, you are likely to be stressed. You may not be in a position to negotiate with your lender because of your mental state.

Modesto Foreclosure Attorney Negotiator

An attorney is a good negotiator for another reason; bluntly, it is not his house. As a third party he is simply not emotionally attached to the house. To you it’s your home; to the attorney it is a property he is trying to save or to get the best deal for. It does not mean he does not value your sentiments, he does, but your emotions may make you succumb to the tough negotiations on the part of the lender. The attorney can talk to the lender in a detached way. Sometimes, it may even be good to convey to the lender that you are not interested in saving the property that much. It may otherwise give him a handle.

Act Quickly

If you act fast, you can prevent foreclosure. There’s more to foreclosure than just loosing your home. Foreclosure can adversely affect your credit. You will find it difficult to get credit in the future. Don’t take chances. Contact Thomas Hogan Law Office.

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