If you have been arrested for DUI in Oakland, contact Thomas Hogan Law Office. The DUI law is complex and not every attorney understands the complex nature of DUI laws. You will need an attorney who is trained in DUI law. Our Oakland DUI attorneys are well versed in it. They have the skills and expertise required to get the charges against you dropped. Working with an attorney who knows DUI laws inside-out is the best way to get a DUI charge dropped.

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Oakland DUI Stop

You may not know how to defend a charge, but the DUI attorneys of Thomas Hogan Law Office Oakland know the many ways to defeat such. In fact our attorneys can challenge the validity of the DUI check post. If the check post itself is illegal, the case against you will fall flat on its face. Our attorneys will review the reason for the stop and determine whether there was probable cause for the police to stop you. There must be a certain level of suspicion to stop you vehicle and to conduct a check on you otherwise it amounts to invasion of privacy. Our attorneys know when if a DUI stop is unconstitutional. If the stop has been proven to be unconstitutional, the charges against you must be dropped.

Oakland DUI: FSTs and Breath Analyzer

The results of a breath analyzer test cannot be conclusive evidence of DUI. The Oakland DUI attorneys of Thomas Hogan Law Office will challenge the method of administration of the test. The calibration and maintenance of the breath analyzer can also be challenged. Our Oakland DUI attorneys will question the officer on his or her training and skills on using the breath analyzer. The police routinely use field sobriety tests (FSTs) to determine if a person is under the influence. Generally the field sobriety test will be recorded on the administering officer’s dash cam. However a person’s age and medical conditions can affect the results of a field sobriety test.

Blood Alcohol Concentration Test

If you have been given a blood test and the result shows that your blood alcohol concentration is 0.08% or more, the DUI attorneys at our Oakland location will challenge the accuracy of the report. It would take time for the blood to absorb alcohol. The important factor in a DUI case is the blood alcohol concentration at the time of driving and not the blood alcohol concentration at the time of the test. Usually, there is a time gap from the initial DUI stop and the subsequent blood test, our DUI attorneys can successfully argue that your blood alcohol concentration was less than the legal level when you were driving but had increased by the time you took the test.

Hiring An Attorney

Our Oakland office DUI attorneys can help you if you have been charged with a DUI. We can review your case and build a defense plan. Never hire any attorney. Legally, the law does not  require individuals to have an attorney represent them in a DUI hearing. But, if you insist on defending yourself, the chances of being found guilty are much higher. The court will not consider the fact that you are an average Joe and that you do not understand the court procedures. You are expected to know the law. If you do not challenge the prosecution’s evidence and witness testimony, then you will be found guilty.

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