April 15 is a date ingrained in most Americans’ minds. It’s the date tax returns are due to be filed for the previous year. Many young people can use a simplified version of the tax return called Form 1040EZ. Single tax payers and married tax payers without children or other dependents who have earned less than $50,000 and have interest income of less than $400 can use the EZ form. Before filing a tax return, make a copy of it and save it. Should questions about a tax return ever arise, it’s much easier to pull a copy out of storage than trying to recreate the year’s filings. If you need assistance with tax laws in Oakland, contact Thomas Hogan Law Office. Our tax attorneys have been serving clients in Oakland and all around Northern California for the past 25 years.

Tax service for employees

Just because you are an employee, it does not mean that your employer will take care of your taxes. If you have any tax problem, contact the tax attorneys of Thomas Hogan Law Office Oakland. Workers who have income from tips are supposed to track the total of that income and report it on their annual tax return. In fact, it is frequently reported on Form W-2. All employers send out these W-2 forms every January (or sometimes sooner) to every employee who worked for the business during the previous year. The form is a statement of the employee’s earnings in wages, tips, and other compensation. It also shows how much money was deducted from the employee’s paychecks for federal, state, Social Security, and Medicare taxes and how much money the employee put into a tax deferred 401(K) savings plan. These are very important forms, and a copy must be filed with federal and state taxes. When they arrive in the mail, store them in a safe place where they can easily be found when it’s time to complete the tax return.

Tax Service for Business Owners

The responsibility of the making a distinction between an employee and an independent contactor rests with the business owner. If you treat someone as an independent contractor and the IRS later decides he is an employee, YOU are in trouble, not him. If you should have treated him as an employee, you are responsible for all the social security and income taxes that you would have paid or withheld if you had treated him as an employee in the first place. And since years may have passed since you should have collected and paid all these taxes, you will be responsible for interest that has accumulated on those amounts in the interim. Don’t let this happen to you. Consult with the Oakland tax attorneys of Thomas Hogan Law Office.

Different Forms

For taxpayers who fall outside the parameters for filing the EZ form, Form 1040 is the one to use. These forms and instruction books can be found in libraries, post offices, government office buildings, and even online beginning early each year. The more complicated one’s income stream, the more complex the filing. People who buy and sell stocks, people who earn money as independent contractors or are self-employed, and people who use home office deductions or own rental property are required to file special forms and keep evidence of these deductions. These forms can be downright confusing. Filing the wrong form can cause problems. The tax attorneys at our Oakland office can assist you with your tax filings.


If you owe unpaid taxes, the IRS can initiate collection action against you. Our Oakland tax attorneys can negotiate an offer-in-compromise. An offer-in-compromise is a contract between the taxpayer and the IRS. It is an agreement between the two parties, whereby the taxpayer agrees to pay a sum certain and the Treasury Department agrees to forgive the balance of taxes, penalties, and interest due. The IRS enters into such a contract only if there is a doubt as to the correctness of the liability or a doubt as to the collectibility of the tax. Offers-in-compromise are provided for in the Internal Revenue Code and Regulations. However, each district of the IRS has its own procedures and policies for handling “offers.” In fact, some districts will not accept offers, while others seek offers as an equitable method of closing collection cases.

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