If you have received divorce papers from the court, do not ignore them. Contact Thomas Hogan Law Office Oakland. If you do not respond to the divorce petition, your spouse will get a default judgment against you. He or she will get everything that he or she has asked for in the petition. Remember, you have 30 days from the date on which you receive the papers to respond to the petition. Timely action is very important if you want to protect your rights. Thus it is very important that you seek the help of a professional divorce attorney as soon as possible. Give us a phone call at (209) 492-9335 for a consultation on your divorce related issues.

Divorce in Oakland, CA

Divorce is the term for the legal dissolution of a marriage though the courts. Divorce and annulment are different. When a marriage is annulled, it is void from the very beginning. In California, once your marriage is annulled, it is like you were never married. However, if you are divorced, your marriage is valid until the court passes the decree of divorce. All divorce proceedings must be filed in a court of law and the proceedings are regulated by the provisions ofCaliforniafamily law. Even where the spouses mutually agree on a divorce, the divorce will be valid only when the decree is granted by a court. State law regulates divorce proceedings. There are many lawyers in and around Oakland but only the divorce attorneys of Thomas Hogan Law Office Oakland can provide you with you the best advice on whether you should opt for a divorce or an annulment.

Contested and Uncontested

Uncontested and contested divorces are the two types of divorce. Ideally everyone would want an uncontested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse agree on all issues of your divorce including who gets custody of the children, who pays child support, who pays alimony and how much, the division of marital assets and properties, future dispute resolution, etc. You can get an uncontested divorce when you and your spouse mutually want the marriage to end and both of you have agreed on all issues of the divorce such as property distribution, division of liabilities, child custody, child support, alimony, etc. When you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement on any or all issues of the divorce, it is a contested divorce. The court will decide the issues for you. A contested divorce is one in which the spouses do not reach an agreement on any or all issues of the divorce and leaves it to the court to decide on the issues. Our Oakland divorce attorneys can assist you with contested and uncontested divorce.

Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Oakland, CA

Divorce lawyers can assist you if you are applying for a divorce. There are many divorce attorneys in Oakland, but if you want someone who understands you and will stand by you throughout the emotional roller coaster ride of a divorce proceeding, contact Thomas Hogan Law Office Oakland. Not all lawyers do deal with divorce laws. Divorce laws are complex and only specialist divorce lawyers have the skills required to represent you in a divorce proceeding.

Spousal Support Divorce Lawyer in Oakland, CA

Depending on the length of your marriage, you may be entitled to temporary or permanent spousal support. Divorce lawyers can help you get spousal support order from the court. If you have a spousal support order in your favor but your ex is not paying spousal support, Thomas Hogan Law Office Oakland and our divorce attorney specialists can help you enforce the spousal support order. Your spouse cannot discharge spousal support obligation by filing for bankruptcy.


If your consent for the marriage was obtained by force or fraud, divorce lawyers Oakland, CA can assist you annul your marriage. You can also annul your marriage if you and your spouse are within prohibited blood relations. Non-consummation of the marriage is another ground for annulment of a marriage. Unlike a divorce which terminates a marriage, an annulment returns the spouses to their single status. Once a marriage is annulled, it will be like the marriage never took place.

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