We are all humans. Mistakes happen. Some of us may have a drink at a friend’s house but if caught for DUI, the police will not tolerate the mistake. You will be arrested and you will have to fight the DUI charges. If you have been arrested for DUI in Pleasanton, contact the Thomas Hogan Law Office. Our local phone number is (925) 273-9452.

DUI Charge in Pleasanton: To Prove You are not at Fault

We at Thomas Hogan Law Office Pleasanton understand that it is possible that you did not break the law but the police are merely claiming you did. Our experienced DUI attorneys will aggressively fight your case. Don’t take a DUI charge lightly. Pleading guilty to a DUI charge will have serious consequences. Fight the charges. Your liberty is at stake.

DUI Charge in Pleasanton: Knowing Your Constitutional rights

A person charged with DUI has certain constitutional rights. One of these rights is the right to have an attorney fight the charges against you. Fighting a DUI charge requires skill and expertise. It is best left to an expert – the Pleasanton DUI attorneys from the Thomas Hogan Law Office. Our DUI attorneys will highlight the lapses on the part of the police and ensure that your constitutional rights are protected.

DUI Law in Pleasanton: Breath Analyzer Results

The results of the breath analyzer test cannot be considered as accurate. Many factors can influence the results of the breath analyzer test including the calibration of the machine and the training of the officer. You will generally fail the breath analyzer test if you have a breathing problem. The Thomas Hogan Law Office Pleasanton will fight the DUI charges against you. Our DUI attorneys know how to challenge the prosecution evidence and to get the charges dropped.

DUI Probation in Pleasanton

Anyone convicted of an offense such as DUI can seek probation. In most DUI cases, the plaintiff must appear before the court. In the event that the plaintiff is found guilty of DUI, the court will commence a pre-sentence investigation. The outcome of the pre-sentence investigation will influence whether or not that probation shall be granted. The objective of probation is to spare the offender the stigma and other consequences of conviction. There are restrictions on the courts power to grant probation. If you have been convicted for DUI, our Pleasanton DUI attorneys can assist you apply for probation. Visit or call the Thomas Hogan Law Office in Pleasanton to learn more.

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By Mary E.:
We were worried at first about using a lawyer, but it turned out okay when we got the services of Mr. Hogan. It was a pleasure working with him and I thank them for helping me resolve my legal issues, for being so helpful and friendly during those hard times. I highly recommend Thomas Hogan. Thank you once again!
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