Divorce Law in Pleasanton: Dissolution of Marriage

Getting divorced can be an emotionally straining experience. If you attempt to complete the legal formalities associated with a divorce on your own, it will prove costly. Hire an experienced divorce lawyer. Contact the Thomas Hogan Law Office Pleasanton. Our divorce lawyers can help you navigate through the complex maze of divorce laws. Our phone number is (925) 273-9452.

Divorce Law in Pleasanton: Requirements in Filing for a Divorce Petition

The usual first requirement to file for a dissolution of marriage petition is that you must be residing in California for the past six months immediately preceding the date of your divorce filing. The court will not accept your dissolution of marriage petition unless you meet the filing requirements. If either spouse is in the military, it can affect the place of filing. Contact the Thomas Hogan Law Office Pleasanton to know if you meet the filing requirements.

Dissolution of Marriage in Pleasanton: Property Distribution

Just because your spouse acquired the asset from his or her funds, it does not mean that he or she alone is entitled to the asset in case of a divorce. California is a “community property state”. Under California law, the assets that each spouse acquired during the marriage are considered community property and belong equally to the both spouse. An experienced divorce lawyer can assist you get equitable distribution of property. Visit the Thomas Hogan Law Office in Pleasanton, CA for more information and help.

Importance of Hiring a Pleasanton Divorce Attorney

If you want to hire a good divorce attorney contact the Thomas Hogan Law Office Pleasanton. With over 25 years of experience, the Thomas Hogan Law Office has the expertise and skills needed to assist you navigate the complex issues of divorce. Never attempt to fight a divorce without an attorney. You may think it is cheaper but it can prove costly in the long run. There is more to divorce than just a simple divorce petition.

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Tom is the friendliest lawyer I have met, but when you need him to get aggressive for you, he does. He is my go to lawyer in town.
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