If you are located in Pleasanton and are considering bankruptcy filing, contact Thomas Hogan Law Office Pleasanton. With years of experience, our bankruptcy attorneys can assist you with your bankruptcy filing. Our attorneys can also advise you on the alternatives to bankruptcy. Call us now at (925) 273-9452 for a FREE 15-minute consultation.

Bankruptcy Law in Pleasanton: Objective of the Bankruptcy Legislation

The purpose behind the Bankruptcy Act is to provide a fresh start to a party who or which has reached a point at which recovery is possible but only after a readjustment of the party’s obligations or a point at which recovery is simply impossible, a readjustment of obligations will not help, and the only practicable course is a liquidation of assets in favor of creditors. Before you file for bankruptcy, you must complete a credit counseling program organized by a court approved agency. Our Pleasanton bankruptcy attorneys can assist you find a credit counseling program most suited to your requirements.

Debt Collection in Pleasanton: Automatic Stay

Once our bankruptcy attorneys file your bankruptcy petition, an automatic stay comes into operation. You need not move a motion seeking a stay. The stay is effective immediately upon the filing of a bankruptcy petition. Your creditors cannot contact you or take action to collect the debt from you once you file your bankruptcy petition. If any creditor violates this stay, you can sue the creditor for the loss you suffered due to the violation.

Debts Not Discharged in Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy will discharge most of your debts such as credit card debts, consumer debts and personal loans. However certain debts survive bankruptcy. Before filing for bankruptcy, our Pleasanton office bankruptcy attorneys will review your case to determine if the debts you are seeking to discharge can be discharged in bankruptcy. Generally court ordered debts, alimony payments, child support payments and tax debts survive bankruptcy.

Stopping Foreclosure: Protecting Your Home

If you are facing foreclosure, contact Thomas Hogan Law Office Pleasanton. The bankruptcy attorneys at our Pleasanton location can assist you prevent foreclosure by filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 13. If you make all the payments under your Chapter 13 payment plan, you can retain your home. The bankruptcy court must approve your Chapter 13 payment plan. Our attorneys can assist you prepare the payment plan.

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