Tax law is a complex maze of rules, forms and percentages. Tax law leaves no room for error. Attempting to deal with your complex tax issues without the assistance of an expert can prove costly. Seek the services of experts. Contact the Thomas Hogan Law Office Pleasanton. Our local phone number is (925) 273-9452.

Tax Law in Pleasanton: Filing Income Tax Returns

Our Pleasanton tax attorneys have years of experience assisting individual tax payers file their federal and state income tax returns. There are deductions which a tax payer can claim to legally reduce his or her tax obligations. Don’t lose out on your tax deductions. Our experienced tax attorneys will review your financial accounts and determine the deductions that you can claim to legally reduce your tax liability.

Tax Law in Pleasanton: Tax Avoidance

Our tax attorneys can assist you with tax avoidance. Tax avoidance is activity undertaken to reduce tax liability not in violation of the law. In some cases tax avoidance is explicitly sanctioned; in some cases avoidance is even the purpose of the tax provision. In other cases avoidance is clearly not anticipated by the tax authorities and reflects some forgotten or unforeseen attribute of the tax law. In all such cases, the taxpayer’s motives and the consequences of his action are the same: the taxpayer intends to reduce his tax burden, and the effect is that he pays less tax than he otherwise would given prevailing tax institutions.

Tax Planning for your Pleasanton Business

Tax planning is an important aspect of financial strategy because it influences the volume of cash flow and the effective cost of investments. Rates of corporate income tax general are high. However, to encourage investments a number of concessions are permitted, such as tax holiday for new investment, accelerated depreciation, and allowances like investment allowance and weighted deductions. Therefore, proper tax planning can reduce the tax liability of an otherwise profitable company to an insignificant sum. If your business needs assistance with tax planning, consult with our Pleasanton tax attorneys.

The Dreaded Tax Audit

Tax laws are complex and subject to change on regular basis. You are unlikely to be aware of the latest changes to the tax law. Therefore you should use the services of an experienced tax attorney to assist you file your tax returns. This will lower the chances of mistakes in the returns thereby reducing the chances of an audit. If you have filed your tax returns without the assistance of a tax attorney, you must contact an experienced tax attorney immediately upon receipt of a notice of audit. Speak to an experienced tax attorney at the Thomas Hogan Law Office Pleasanton.

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