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Elk Grove unlawful detainer Thomas Hogan Law OfficeIf you are a landlord located in Elk Grove and you want to evict your tenant, contact the Thomas Hogan Law Office. Our unlawful detainer attorneys have years of experience handling unlawful detainer lawsuits. Our attorneys have over years also assisted tenants fight unlawful detainer lawsuits.

When a prospective tenant approaches you, you should conduct a background check on the tenant before letting him or her stay as a tenant. This is very important. When you do a background check, you can check if the person has a criminal record. You ideally wouldn’t want someone with a criminal record as a tenant. Landlords can be held liable for the criminal actions of their tenants. You should also check to see if they are regular in making their payments. If you are planning on leasing out your property, speak to Thomas Hogan Law Office for invaluable advice on how to prevent disputes with your tenant in the future.


If you want to evict the tenant, you are required to give certain notices by law. Once you have given the required notices you can file an unlawful detainer lawsuit. However just because you have given the required notices and the tenant has not moved out, it does not mean that you can physically enter the premises. You will be violating the law if you do so. Seek the advice of experts – unlawful detainer lawsuit attorneys at Thomas Hogan Law Office.

Fighting an unlawful detainer lawsuit

If you are a tenant and you have been served with an unlawful detainer lawsuit, you have very limited time to act. Act fast or the court will pass an order against you. Contact Thomas Hogan Law Office. Our unlawful detainer attorneys will fight the lawsuit against you. If you prevail in the lawsuit, the landlord cannot evict you.

Tenant Rights

A tenant has the right to expect the property to be in a decent liveable condition. The landlord must maintain the property properly and must carry out regular maintenance. The landlord  responsible for carrying out the repairs that may be required from time to time to ensure that the property is in a decent liveable condition. The property from be safe and the power, water and heating systems must be functioning. If the landlord has violated any of your rights as a tenant, you may be able to use it as a defense in the unlawful detainer lawsuit. Consult with an experienced unlawful detainer lawsuit attorney from Thomas Hogan Law Office.

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