A DUI case is serious. There is a lot at stake. Never take it lightly. You can be sent to jail. You may have to pay huge fines. Not to mention the suspension of your driver’s license. Worst of all, it will leave you with a record that will haunt you for the rest of your life. Your car insurance rates will shoot through the roof. Insurance is based on risk. A drunk driver is much more risky than a normal driver. However, all is not lost. Merely because you have been charged with a DUI, it does not mean that you have no defenses available. Consult an experienced DUI attorney from the Thomas Hogan Law Office Roseville – call us at (916) 520-8905 for a FREE 15-minute consultation.

Criminal Defense in Roseville, CA: Felony DUI

A felony DUI has severe penalties. The minimum imprisonment term for a felony DUI is one year. But the court can impose a longer term. The imprisonment term will be higher if your blood alcohol content is higher than 0.08%. The severity of the accident will also play a key role in determining the imprisonment term. You will lose your driving privileges. If you are convicted for a felony DUI, it will result in a felony conviction on your record. This will cause a lot of problem for you for the rest of your life. It can cause problems in getting employment or renting a house.

DUI Defense in Roseville, CA

You may have various defenses available. You can challenge the breath analyzer result including its accuracy. The breath analyzer result is not enough to conclude that you have a high blood alcohol concentration (BAC). In some cases, the blood alcohol content (BAC) does not have anything to do at all with an accident. The accident may have been caused by factors other than your blood alcohol concentration. Hiring a very good DUI attorney is essential when you have a DUI charge against you, remember, being found guilty of DUI has many repercussions, so you will need a strong defense team and the Thomas Hogan Law Office Roseville can do that for you.

Factor in a DUI Charge: Blood Alcohol Content

Your blood alcohol content reading has nothing to do with the alcohol content in your brain but it reflects your pulmonary vein’s blood alcohol content. It takes time for the alcohol to reach the brain and affect its functioning. The results must be accurate beyond reasonable doubt. If there is presence of any single factor that can influence the reading, it will not accurate beyond reasonable doubt and cannot be relied upon as evidence to convict you. Let our Roseville DUI attorneys help you fight your DUI charge.

DUI Plea Bargain

You can enter into a plea bargain with the prosecutor. In a plea bargain, you plead guilty to a lesser offense and the prosecution will accept your guilty plea and drop the original charges against you. A plea bargain must be accepted by the court. In case of a DUI charge, you can enter into a plea bargain and plead guilty to wet reckless. To enter into a plea bargain, you will have to negotiate with the prosecutor.


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