While it may be cheaper for you to file for bankruptcy without an attorney, you should always have a bankruptcy attorney to assist you. The specialists at Thomas Hogan Law Office Roseville might be the right solution. Our lawyers can accompany you to the creditors’ meeting, work with you to make sure that your documents are complete and accurate, get all your paperwork filed on time, and generally handle all of the little details that go into a successful bankruptcy case. Although representation comes at a price—which will be reasonable—you will have the peace of mind of knowing that someone is watching your back. Don’t risk fighting bankruptcy by yourself, your creditors will eat you alive.

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Filing for Bankruptcy in Roseville: Reasons for Bankruptcy

People file for bankruptcy because they are unable to pay off their debts. There can be many reasons why a person may find himself drowning in debt. Financial mismanagement is one of the main reasons. But besides financial mismanagement, there can be other reasons such as unforeseen medical expenses, loss of employment, adverse lawsuit verdicts, etc. Generally, a person voluntarily files for bankruptcy protection. However some times, the creditors can compel a person to file for bankruptcy. This is known as involuntary bankruptcy. Involuntary bankruptcy is more common in case of businesses. No matter what the reason for your bankruptcy filing, you should always consult with the bankruptcy attorneys of the Thomas Hogan Law Office Roseville.

Filing for Bankruptcy in Roseville: Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 13 and Individual Debtors

Individual debtors can file for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. When you file for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 7, the bankruptcy trustee appointed by the court will sell your assets and pay off your debts from the proceeds. Once all your assets are liquidated, you will receive a discharge from all the debts that you listed in your petition. Some unsecured creditors may not even receive any payment from the sale of your assets but they cannot make any claim against you once you receive a discharge. The entire process can take about 90 days. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the debtor pays off the debts according to a payment plant. The payment plan usually provides for payment within 3 years. In some cases, the courts will approve 5-year payment plans. You will receive a discharge once you complete all your payments under the payment plan. Individuals who are family farmers or family fishermen can file for bankruptcy under Chapter 12. Chapter 12 is similar to Chapter 13 except that it is applicable only to family farmers or family fishermen. Our Roseville bankruptcy attorneys can assist individual debtors file for bankruptcy.

Someone to Rely on During a Creditors’ Meeting

The creditors and the bankruptcy trustee can ask you a wide range of questions relating to your finances. It is important that you answers the questions correctly and satisfy the trustee that your bankruptcy filing is in good faith. You will be under oath to provide true and correct information. At the beginning of the meeting the bankruptcy trustee will place you under oath. The trustee will ask you questions to ensure that the papers you filed were current and correct. The creditors will generally object to their debt being included in your bankruptcy. The bankruptcy attorneys in our Roseville location can advice you on the questions you can expect your creditors and the trustee to ask during the 341 meeting.

Businesses Bankruptcy Options

A business can file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 11. In a Chapter 11, the business submits a reorganization plan to the court. Once the creditors approve the plan, the business must reorganize its debts. Reorganization can include the sale of assets to pay off some creditors. If you are a sole proprietor, you can file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. There is no difference between the business and the owner in case of a sole proprietor. Our Roseville office bankruptcy attorneys have over the years assisted business owners file for bankruptcy.


Thomas Hogan Law Office Roseville Reviews

By Teresa J.:
Due to the number of companies and creditors involved, my bankruptcy case needed a lawyer who had professionalism and patience. Good thing the Thomas Hogan Law office was there to assist.
Rating: 5.0

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