Unlike commercial law, family law is various and individualistic. Family law has had a greater effect on the lives of both men and women than all other areas of law combined. Yet, “family law” is not a body of law or a single field so much as it is an amalgamation of various laws-criminal law, contract law, tort law, constitutional law, property law, and more-that converge to affect the family. Narrowly conceived, family law refers to the legal requirements of marriage (or formation of a marriage) and divorce (or dissolution of a marriage), and the legal rules governing custody and support of children born within or outside marriage. These are the primary issues with which a private domestic relations law practice is concerned. But a broader concept of family law encompasses much more-the law of public benefits, the implications of marital status for tax law, laws and policies relating to adoption, inheritance law, employment law, and law regarding child abuse and neglect, the recognition of intra-family torts, and reproductive rights, among other areas.

Family Law in Roseville, CA: Child Support Modification

Even though the judge is responsible for determining the amount of child support that shall be paid, you can always file an application for modifying the child support order after your divorce becomes final. Only the court that has passed the child support order can pass orders to modify the amount of child support payments. In case of an uncontested divorce, the parents cannot enter into a contract that dictates that the child support payment will not change for a fixed period of time. Courts have the power to change the amount. Consult with the family law attorneys of the Thomas Hogan Law Office Roseville for advice on child support modifications.

Family Law in Roseville: Visitation Rights

Visitation rights are granted to the non-custodial parent upon the determination of the court if continued contact is of the best interest of the child. Guidelines for determining visitation rights are not always clearly stated. If it appears that the non-custodial parent might not return the child at the end of a visit, the court has the power to suspend the parent’s visitation rights or revoke them altogether. Courts will also suspend or revoke visitation rights if the noncustodial parent physically injures the child or threatens to. If the noncustodial parent abused a child during marriage, his or her visits usually are both short and supervised.

Cohabitation Law in Roseville

While cohabitation has positive features, it is not without its share of problems. Potential legal problems are an important consideration, such as when ‘‘rights’’ regarding property and earnings surface. Some partners report guilt over their living arrangements, and even more are fearful of their parents’ reaction. Because of the latter, many refuse to disclose their living arrangements to their parents. Another problem is that many couples feel closed in and stunted by their lifestyle. Pregnancy often poses complications for those choosing cohabitation over marriage. For example, when cohabitants do have children, separating can be as difficult and distressing as any legal divorce.

Guardianship Law in Roseville

The purpose of guardianship law is to provide a substitute decision maker for individuals who do not have the capacity to make personal, financial, and health care decisions on their own. The law itself, however, is still evolving from its current inadequacies into what everyone hopes will be the ideal guardianship law. The definition of competency is pivotal in the guardianship process. Courts appoint a guardian only if there is evidence to support the contention that proposed wards are incompetent as defined by statute. Contact Thomas Hogan Law Office if you are looking for advice or assistance on guardianship law.

Inheritance Law in Roseville

Inheritance law is complex. Often spouses find themselves disinherited. Spouses can protect themselves from disinheritance by using certain contracts. A valid post-nuptial agreement is one such contact. Another way of protecting oneself from disinheritance is by obtaining an insurance policy on the life of the other spouse. If you find yourself disinherited, contact Thomas Hogan Law Office Roseville to know your options.

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