is a criminal offense in Sacramento. DUI  means driving under the influence of alcohol. In fact, DUI is the most common criminal offense in the United States. The State of California has taken a tough stance against DUI. When it comes to DUI, the state has a zero tolerance policy. It is important that you be represented by an experienced attorney if you have been arrested for DUI. The DUI attorneys of the Thomas Hogan Law Office Sacramento have years of experience of successfully defending clients charged with DUI.

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)

Throughout the United States, the legal blood alcohol concentration or “BAC” under DUI laws is 0.08%. This means that you will be charged with DUI if your BAC is 0.08% or higher and you are caught operating a motor vehicle. The fact that your BAC is over the legal limit is sufficient for the police to arrest you. Whether or not you were intoxicated is irrelevant under California DUI law. Contact Thomas Hogan Law Office if you have been arrested for DUI. Our Sacramento DUI attorneys are aware of the BAC requirements for a DUI offense. Your BAC must be over the legal limit at the time you were driving, but more often than not you will be administered a blood test at the police station and not when you were stopped on the suspicion of DUI. The time gap between your DUI stop and the blood test can play an important role in your defense.

Confront Your Accuser

The United States Constitution gives every accused the right to confront the accuser. In your case, the accuser will be the police officer who arrested you for DUI. You have the right to cross examine the arresting officer in the court. The Sacramento DUI attorneys of Thomas Hogan Law Office will use the cross examination to dent the credibility of the arresting officer. Remember, if you do not fight the DUI charges against you, you will be convicted. If the cross examination reveals loopholes in the prosecutions case against you, the court will throw out the charges against you. Cross examination is an art and requires skill and experience. Never attempt to cross examine the arresting officer on your own. You may end up making the task easy for the prosecution.

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Under our criminal justice system, the accused is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. The theory is that the presumption of innocence requires the prosecution to meet the burden of proof–guilt beyond reasonable doubt–before a conviction can ensue. If the prosecution fails to discharge the burden by its own efforts, then there should be an acquittal. The purpose of this way of setting the requirement of proof is to minimize the possibility of convicting an innocent person even at the cost of raising the probability that guilty persons will not be convicted. It is a kind of principle of safety that is meant to preserve or safeguard certain values or priorities. Our Sacramento DUI attorney are aware that if you create even a slight about the accuracy of the evidence against you, the prosecution will not be able to prove the case against you beyond reasonable doubt.

Right to Remain Silent – Miranda Rights

Exercise your right to remain silent. If you have been stopped on the suspicion of DUI, do as the officer asks you to. There is no point in trying to convince him that you are sober. In fact he would have made up his mind to arrest you by the time he decided to stop you. After arresting you, the officer will take you to the police station. Once you are taken to the police station, ask that you be allowed to speak to an attorney and then contact the Thomas Hogan Law Office. Our Sacramento DUI attorneys will represent you and protect your rights.

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