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Filing for divorce is not easy as it may sound. First and foremost, you must meet theCaliforniaresidency requirement. Next you must file the correct forms. If you are seeking child custody, you have to file additional forms. Once you file the forms, you have to serve them on your spouse. Service must be done according to the provisions of California Civil Code. Don’t let the procedures get the better of you. Contact  the Thomas Hogan Law Office Sacramento.

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Hiring a Good Divorce Attorney in Sacramento

There are many Sacramento divorce attorneys, but you need someone who understands your side of the case. Your attorney should be someone who will protect your interest at every stage of the divorce proceeding. A good divorce attorney is one who will listen to you and then patiently answer all your questions. The  Thomas Hogan Law Office divorce attorneys understand that when you are contemplating a divorce or facing a divorce, you are likely to be stressed out and unable to think clearly. Our attorneys will explain the legal consequences of every decision you take.

Filing for Divorce in Sacramento

If you want to file for a divorce, you must meet the residency requirements. The Sacramento divorce & family law attorneys of Thomas Hogan Law Office will review your circumstances to determine if you meet theSacramentodivorce filing residency requirements. There are many do it yourself divorce forms available in the market. You may think it is cheaper to use these forms than to hire a divorce lawyer. But it can prove costly in the long run. Divorce law is subject to constant changes through new court rulings. While the do it yourself forms may not be up to date, our lawyers are aware of the most recent judgments that can affect your case.

Spousal Support

Sacramento courts generally award spousal support to the financially weaker spouse to enable that spouse to become independent. Spousal support may be temporary or permanent. Permanent spousal support continues till the death of the receiving spouse or until that spouse remarries. You can request permanent spousal support if your marriage is a long term marriage.

Sacramento Divorce Made Easy

Getting a divorce is complex. Unless you have the proper legal representation, you will find it difficult to navigate the complex maze of divorce laws. If you want to file for divorce or you have been served with a divorce petition, contact the Thomas Hogan Law Office in Sacramento, CA. Our attorneys can assist you in dealing with all legal aspect of a divorce.

California Divorce Forms


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