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As a tenant, when you are entering into a lease agreement with the property management company or the landlord, you should always consult with an experienced landlord and tenant attorney. If the agreement is prepared by the property management company or the landlord, there may be clauses in the agreement that might adversely affect their rights. In any such agreement, you should closely review the terms of the agreement especially those dealing with eviction, tenant’s rights and deposits. Contact Thomas Hogan Law Office.

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Sacramento Tenant Rights

Privacy is the right given to all tenants renting a property.  The landlord cannot enter the property without giving you an advance notice. You are given the  right to deny  the landlord from entering the property  if no prior notification was given by the landlord. The landlord cannot:

  • Lock the tenant out of the property
  • Deny use of  the utilities
  • Remove  the tenant’s possessions
  • Threaten the tenant

If your landlord does any of the above, contact Thomas Hogan Law Office to review your options. A tenant has the right to have visitors. If the landlord stops any acquaintance (friends or family) from entering the rented property to visit the tenant, the tenant can file a suit against the landlord.

Tenant Discrimination

The landlord cannot discriminate against the tenants. Tenants who have been victims of discrimination on the basis of their sex, color or religion, can sue the landlord. If there are many tenants in a building, all tenants must be provided with the same facilities. If any tenant is denied access to any facility that is provided to other tenants, the landlord can be sued for discrimination. The landlord must return the security deposit to the tenant when he or she leaves the property but the landlord has the right to deduct the cost of any repairs he or she may have made to the property during the tenant’s stay. A tenant can sue the landlord if the landlord refuses to return the security deposit when the tenant vacates the premises.

Sacramento Landlord-Tenant: Landlord Services

An experienced landlord and tenant attorney can assist landlords by helping them draft the rental agreement and ensuring that the rights of the landlord are protected under the agreement. In case of any breach of the terms of the agreement by the tenant, the landlord can take necessary steps to enforce the agreement and to protect his or her rights. If the tenant is in serious breach of the lease or rental agreement, the landlord can initiate proceedings to evict the landlord. As a landlord, you cannot barge into the house of a tenant who has not paid the rent and physically throw the tenant out. You must follow the legal procedure. Contact Thomas Hogan Law Office.


The landlord is responsible for ensuring that the building complies with the local building code. The landlord also has the responsibility of ensuring that the public areas of the building are safe for the tenant and other visitors to the property. A tenant injured while in a public area of the property can claim compensation from the landlord under certain circumstances. Even the guests of the tenant can claim compensation for injuries sustained on the property under certain circumstances. Before you rent out your property, contact Thomas Hogan Law Office to know your responsibilities.

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