Hiring a good family law attorney is essential when you are dealing with family issues. Family law cases are stressful for everyone and it is important that you find an attorney who will not just serve as counsel but will also try to lessen the pain and bitterness of going through the ordeal. The Thomas Hogan Law Office Sacramento has 25 years of experience in such matters and we are able to assure you swift resolution for your case. Contact or visit us now in our Sacramento, CA location.

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Sacramento Adoption Assistance

Adoption assistance is much more than a monthly check. It also includes service subsidies, financial assistance to pay for the cost of the adoption process, income tax breaks, and medical assistance. Service subsidies include services such as respite care, day care, residential treatment, dental braces, counseling, medical mileage, extraordinary medical expenses, tutoring, speech and occupational therapy, clothing allowances, personal computers, and even items such as vitamins and software. Service subsidies can be combined with Title IV-E adoption assistance or a state funded monthly payment subsidy to provide a more comprehensive plan of support. In principle, service subsidies can be customized to fit the particular circumstances of the adoptive family. While service subsidies can be very helpful, adoptive parents should be aware of possible limitations. Our Sacramento divorce & family law attorneys can assist parents get adoption assistance.


Guardianship law is but a small part of a larger body of law whose function is to provide for an orderly transference and regulation of decision-making activities, and for the continuation of social relationships for individuals who can no longer conduct routine social and financial matters on their own. Guardianships are obtained through a judicial process that may be traumatic and frightening to the respondent, and the procedure represents a dramatic intrusion on basic individual liberties. Once found incapacitated, the aged person’s relationship with the guardian becomes similar to a parent-child relationship, whereby decisions regarding daily living activities and management of finances are made by another individual. In addition, this action may strip the aged person of basic freedoms, such as the right to marry, vote, continue in their professions, or to enter into contractual arrangements. The Sacramento family law attorneys of Thomas Hogan Law Office have years of experience dealing with guardianship law.

Pre-nuptial Agreements

A pre-nuptial agreement, or personal marriage contract, is a document drafted by some couples before they marry. In its most common form, a prenuptial agreement spells out how assets will be divided if the marriage dissolves. Prenuptial agreements, however, may also include other items, including the expectations partners have for one another. Items might range from how household tasks are to be handled and role responsibilities assigned to how many children the couple desires. From a legal standpoint, there is growing support for prenuptial agreements. Such agreements are seen as providing the parties some degree of certainty regarding their estates in the event of divorce or the death of one of the parties.

Child Custody and Visitation

If you want to file for a divorce, you must meet the residency requirements. The divorce lawyers in our Sacramento office will review your circumstances to determine if you meet the Sacramento divorce filing residency requirements. There are many do it yourself divorce forms available in the market. You may think it is cheaper to use these forms than to hire a divorce lawyer. But it can prove costly in the long run. Divorce law is subject to constant changes through new court rulings. While the do it yourself forms may not be up to date, our family lawyers are aware of the most recent judgments that can affect your case.

Alimony, Child Support & Custody

The three hotly contested issues in most divorce cases are alimony or spousal support, child support and custody. Alimony developed originally in the ecclesiastical courts in England in connection with the law of divorce. In the United States every jurisdiction has a statute respecting alimony. It is granted by the court and, in general, cannot be altered after the signing of the decree unless the statute expressly so provides. This discretion of the court ordinarily determines the form and amount of an award. If there are children from the marriage and there is no agreement between the spouses as to who will have custody of the children, the court must decide on the issue of child custody. Similarly, when one spouse is awarded custody of the children, the other spouse will be ordered to pay child support. As these could be life-changing decisions, we advice that you seek professional help in case you face such problems. Our Sacramento family law attorneys are trained in child support and custody law and have years of experience with successful track record.


There have been a variety of difficult legal questions that have arisen around the country pertaining to the issue of paternity. One of these concerns what is known as “reverse paternity” cases -those in which biological fathers are asserting their rights of paternity and visitation with a child who was born to a woman while she was married to another man. The rule used to be that a child born to a married couple was presumed to be a product of the marriage. If either the husband or wife was inclined to dispute that presumption, he or she would have to prove that the husband was (1) impotent, (2) sterile, or (3) had no sexual access to his wife at the time of conception. The paternity laws are complex. Consult with the family law attorneys of Thomas Hogan Law Office.

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