The DUI attorneys of the Thomas Hogan Law Office Stockton will do all they can to assist you fight the DUI charges. Our attorneys understand that mistakes happen. Sometimes the case against you might not be as simple as it seems. They charges against you could be motivated by other factors. Our Stockton attorneys will investigate all aspects of your case and develop a defense strategy. Our DUI attorneys are concerned, sympathetic and caring towards you. Our goal is to protect the fundamental rights of the client.

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Your Constitutional Rights

When you contact Stockton office Thomas Hogan to fight the DUI charges against you, our attorneys will determine if you were deprived of your constitutional rights. Our attorneys will review every detail of your case from the time of the DUI stop to determine if your constitutional rights were violated at any time. We will check to see if the police recorded your statements or questioned you without reading your Miranda rights. If your constitutional rights have been violated at any time, our DUI attorneys will press hard to get the charges against you dropped. Violation of an individual’s constitutional rights is unacceptable.

Future Employment Prospects

The DUI attorneys of Thomas Hogan Law Office Stockton understand that a DUI conviction can affect your job chances. Almost all employers conduct a background check on prospective employees. Therefore, you cannot hide your DUI conviction from an employer. Most employers consider a DUI conviction as a minor offense if it is the only conviction on your record. However, many government jobs that require a security clearance will be out of bounds for you. DUI laws are complex. Getting a DUI charge dismissed requires expertise and skill. Our trained attorneys have what it takes to get the charges against you dropped.

Military DUI

Military DUI is different from a civilian DUI. There are numerous differences between the two. First of all a military DUI will be tried in the military court. In a military DUI the criteria for evaluating the blood alcohol concentration is different. You will be charged with a DUI if your blood alcohol concentration is high enough to impair your ability to drive. In the military you can be charged with a DUI if there is presence of any amount of alcohol in your blood if the court feels that the quantity is sufficient to impair your driving ability. A military DUI conviction can destroy your military career. You can be deprived of all your benefits. If you face a court marital because of a DUI charge, then you will definitely suffer loss of reputation along with the risk of losing your military career. Your freedom and liberty is at stake. You can be sentenced to imprisonment in a federal prison. All this makes it important that you hire an expert DUI attorney. Why not consider the Stockton attorneys at Thomas Hogan Law Office?


Our Stockton DUI attorneys will review your case and determine your defense. You may have various defenses available. Our attorneys will challenge the breath analyzer result including its accuracy. The breath analyzer result cannot be conclusive evidence of high breath alcohol content. In case of a DUI accident, our attorneys can show that your blood alcohol content had nothing to do with the accident. We will use the services of an expert witness to demonstrate that your blood alcohol content reading has nothing to do with the alcohol content in your brain but it reflects your pulmonary vein’s blood alcohol content. It takes time for the alcohol to reach the brain and affect its functioning.


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I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to Mr. Hogan as someone to represent in my case. With Mr. Thomas Hogan, I felt that my life was back to normal after all the accident happened to my family. Thank you very much for all the assistance you have provided me and to my family during our difficult times. I can’t tell you enough how happy and grateful I am for all you have done. You are a brilliant attorney and if someone seeking rapid service, I highly recommend you!
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