Contact the Thomas Hogan Law Office if you are planning on filing for divorce in Stockton. Our Stockton divorce attorneys can also assist you if your spouse has filed a divorce petition against you. Never ignore a summons in a divorce proceeding. The court will pass a default judgment against you. Your spouse will get almost everything he or she had asked for in the divorce petition.

Stockton Divorce: Enforcement of Spousal Support Orders

The spouse entitled to receive the support must file a lawsuit in court seeking enforcement of the support orders. Generally, when the paying spouse stops making the payment, the receiving spouse should immediately consult with an experienced divorce attorney. The attorney will first send a notice to the paying spouse to make the payments. If the paying spouse does not make the payment despite having received the letter, the attorney will take necessary steps to get the payments made. If your spouse is not making the support payments as ordered by the court, contact the Thomas Hogan Law Office. Our Stockton divorce attorneys will take steps to enforce the spousal support order.

Stockton Amicable Divorce: Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse have mutually decided to divorce, our Stockton divorce attorneys can assist you with your divorce proceedings. California law allows for no fault divorce. A no fault divorce is one where the filing spouse does not allege any fault on the part of the other spouse. The filing spouse has to only state on the divorce petition that he or she is seeking divorce because of irreconcilable differences. The process is generally quick and once you complete all the formalities, you will receive your decree after six months. This is because in California, there is a six month waiting period required by law.

 Contested Divorce

In a contested divorce, the process can be long. It will be like a general court case. You must first argue your case for divorce. Your spouse will then respond to your case. You can call witnesses in support of your case and your spouse can also call witnesses to testify against you. If you have children, then the issue of child custody must also be decided by the court. In all contested divorce case, one of the main issues between the spouses is the issue of alimony. After hearing both spouses, in a contested divorce, the court will pass the judgment. The Stockton divorce attorneys of Thomas Hogan Law Office have years of experience successfully representing clients across California in contested divorce proceedings.

Domestic Violence

There are times when a divorce becomes a very difficult thing to do for a spouse because of domestic violence. Temporary restraining orders (TROs) are probably the most frequently used legal option for battered women or men so that they will not feel threatened by their ex-partner when they file for divorce. TROs are known by different names but they are most commonly referred to as protective orders, orders of protection, restraining orders, or temporary injunctions. Civil protective orders are intended to put an immediate stop to violence by restricting an abuser’s behavior. Protective orders dictate that an individual must refrain from harassing, abusing, molesting, and/ or contact with certain family members. The court usually forbids the alleged abuser from making contact with the victim, and in some cases, the order specifies the distance that the abuser must maintain from the person who requested the order. Contact the Thomas Hogan Law Office.

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