The Internal Revenue Code — the collection of federal tax laws — is some 3,000 pages long — in small print. Furthermore, it is interpreted by thousands of pages of IRS regulations and by literally millions of pages of legislative history, revenue rulings, private letter rulings, technical advice memoranda, and court decisions. The law often confuses the average individual. In tax law, it is said, an ounce of prevention is worth about a million dollars of cure. Don’t take chances with tax law. Contact Thomas Hogan Law Office Stockton for assistance with your taxation requirements.

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Tax Services for Small Businesses in Stockton

Small businesses are audited by the IRS more than any other group of Americans. And they get into more trouble with the IRS than any other group of Americans. The reason for their unending problems with the IRS is that they are subject to the same overwhelming mass of tax rules and regulations that their big-business counterparts face, but they don’t have the in-house staff of lawyers and accountants to deal with those problems that the big companies have. A small-business owner who travels on business or who has employees, for example, must have an “accountable plan” to document his company’s travel expenses. Similarly, a small business that hires a marketing consultant must determine whether the consultant is an employee or an independent contractor. In a small business, therefore, potential tax problems do not always get the attention they require. Sometimes these problems get out of control — at great cost to the business and its owners. Don’t let this happen to you. Contact the tax attorneys of Thomas Hogan Law Office Stockton.

Business Tax Law in Stockton, CA: Independent Contractors

As the owner of a business, from a tax standpoint, you want everybody who works for you to be an independent contractor. If your workers are employees, you must pay social security and unemployment taxes on their wages, collect and account for withholding taxes, possibly provide health insurance and pension benefits (particularly if you wish to provide these benefits to yourself), and keep track of all these taxes and benefits. To do this requires that you conquer a mountain of paperwork. When your workers are independent contractors, on the other hand, the cost of taxes and benefits, and the paperwork, disappear. You simply pay an independent contractor what you agreed to pay him. The rest of the problems are his. He’s responsible for his own social security and income taxes, and he must buy his own medical insurance and start his own pension plan. The IRS sees things differently. Since the IRS can collect social security taxes and withheld income taxes more easily from the business owner than from the worker, it tends to label every worker an employee. Hire the services of Thomas Hogan Law Office. Our Stockton tax attorneys can assist you differentiate between independent contractors and employees.

IRS Audits

The IRS is empowered to conduct taxpayer audits whenever it elects to do so. An audit involves inspection of original documents supporting financial transactions and identifying transactions in which the IRS and the taxpayer have different interpretations of tax law. During an audit, and definitely at its conclusion, the agent will inform the taxpayer of errors discovered and the amounts, if any, believed owed to the IRS. The taxpayer can accept those conclusions, attempt to persuade the agent his conclusions are in error, negotiate a compromise, or appeal the decision to the IRS and eventually into the tax courts. If you receive an audit notice from the IRS, contact Thomas Hogan Law Office. The tax attorneys in our Stockton office can represent you in a tax audit.

Tax Savings

The tax savings available through qualified retirement plans are not unlimited. In order to be qualified, a retirement plan must cap the amount of retirement benefits that can be set aside each year by the employer — often referred to as “limiting the accrual of benefits.” The important thing you need to understand is that these caps on plan contributions tend to reduce the amount of contributions that can be made for higher-income earners, that is, the owner of the business, not the lower-paid people who work for him. The limitations on accrual of benefits are different for different kinds of plans. Our Stockton tax attorneys have years of experience assisting businesses and individuals with tax savings.

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