When faced with serious financial difficulties due to debts, there are times when the best recourse would be to file for voluntary bankruptcy to get a fresh start in life. Filing for bankruptcy may help eliminate most, or maybe even all of one’s credit card debts. This is because credit card debts are considered as unsecured debts and could be dischargeable in bankruptcy. What this means is that if the credit card debts are discharged, credit card companies may not be able to collect the outstanding balance and the debtor could be free to start over financially.

Of course, some creditors may object to the discharge, that is why it is important to get a bankruptcy lawyer who is a really good negotiator. First, the bankruptcy lawyer will help and guide the debtor in the process of filing for bankruptcy. Another reason is that a good negotiator can negotiate for reductions in the amounts owed for questionable cash advances and purchases in case creditors object to the discharge. Contact an expert bankruptcy lawyer for more information on relief from credit card debts.