We were married for 17 years and I haven’t worked in 11 years since we were married. How much am I entitled for child support and alimony?

When it comes to child support, California imposes a statewide uniform guideline to ensure that the state remains in compliance with federal regulations for child support guidelines (Fam.C. § 4050). In determining child support, the court applies a specific formula (Fam.C. § 4055), and may depart from the guideline only in the special circumstances (Fam.C. § 4052).  However, spousal support is dependent upon the court’s discretion is judged broadly by the parties’  circumstances” in reference to the standard of living established during their marriage and their respective needs and abilities to pay [Fam.C. §§ 4320, 4330(a)].

Issues on property settlement (like separate or community property interests) also follow statutory guidelines. Generally, those properties that are considered as community will be divided equally among the spouses (Fam.C. § 2550).

Divorce proceedings and all the issues involved could be quite complex and the help of an expert divorce attorney would be very important during such situations, so it is advisable to work with one before commencing or proceeding with the dissolution process.

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